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High pressure high capacity colloidal grout station for sale

2016-09-14 11:28:20

The combination of the colloidal grout mixer with a grout pump into a self-contained colloidal grout station unit, makes a very versatile and efficient piece of equipment.

 automated mixing and grouting plants

The unique high capacity grout station allows rapid mixing and pumping of grouts containing sand, up to a sand/cement ratio of 4:1 and neat cement grouts with water/cement ratios as low as 0.37:1 without additives, or lower with plasticisers or super-plasticisers. The mixers are also very efficient at mixing bentonite and other clay products as the process of accelerate hydration which makes a more stable product.

High pressure grout stations produced by us have a series types. Pumps including piston type, plunger type and squeeze hose type.


Piston type grout station:

colloidal grout station


Plunger type colloidal grout station:

high capacity grout station


Squeeze hose type grout plant:


 high pressure grout station

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