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Aircrete machine manufacturer

2019-10-03 17:48:42

Aircrete machine is used to make aircrete blocks, aircrete houses, aircrete floor, aircrete roof, etc. As an experienced aircrete machine supplier, we have produced aircrete for 10 years in our aircrete machine factory.    

Aircrete machine factory

Aircrete machine
 is calculated that the thermal insulation effect of aircrete is obviously better than that of polystyrene board. From the calculation data, the difference between the two is more than 40%. If the thickness is determined by the principle of thermal resistance, it can be calculated that the 26 cm thick aircrete is equivalent to a 20 cm thick polystyrene board.

House making by aircrete machine

However, under normal circumstances, the average thickness is generally not less than 26cm, which not only has the effect of heat preservation, but also leveling the original rough and uneven floor, which is comparable to materials such as polystyrene board.

Stability, aircrete, like ordinary concrete, is an inorganic material with extremely stable chemical properties. Under normal conditions, it will not deteriorate after a hundred years, and it will not burn and be environmentally friendly. It is in full compliance with 4.4.1 of the Regulations. A requirement for the selection of insulation materials. Polystyrene board is easy to age (the service life is generally 15 to 25 years), and it is more easily compressed and deformed due to the constant temperature change during use. When the use temperature exceeds 75 ° C, it will also undergo thermal deformation.

Aircrete construction factors, aircrete is suitable for mechanized large-area construction, low labor intensity, fast engineering progress, and easy integration with the upper and lower structural layers, but must be carried out in wet operation, and technical requirements are also high. When polystyrene board is used as the heat insulation layer, since the base layer is difficult to be flat, it is generally necessary to do the leveling layer first, and then to make the heat insulation layer, but the construction is more flexible.

Since the main material of aircrete is cement, and there is basically no waste, the multi-step process such as screed can be omitted, and the overall cost is relatively low. The construction process using benzene board is relatively complicated, and there will be corner scraps, so it is not economical.
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