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Aircrete foam machine for pouring walls and floors

2021-03-10 16:29:43

Aircrete foam machine for pouring walls and floors
Foamed concrete is a new type of fireproof, thermal insulation and energy-saving material. It is mainly made of special cement and fly ash as the main raw materials, adding foaming agents, special fibers and other composite, mixing, and foaming moldings. The aircrete foam machines are used in this work.  Foamed concrete foamed cement board has good thermal insulation performance, belongs to A-grade non-combustible thermal insulation material, is light-weight, shock-resistant, reduces basic load-bearing, strong compressive strength, strong adhesion, non-toxic, harmless, environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

aircrete foam machine for pouring walls and floors

The aircrete foam machine for pouring walls and floor is generous and lightweight soil production equipment that integrates a foaming system, a mixing system, and a pumping system. It is our company's large amount of foam concrete filling, which requires fast equipment construction, high construction efficiency, and stable performance. This aircrete foam machine for pouring walls is carefully designed to meet the construction requirements. The aircrete foam machine for floors successfully overcomes the technical problems of the traditional foaming cement machine used in filling projects, the construction speed is slow, and the construction is more convenient and quick, the operation is simpler, and the product quality is more standard.
1. High foaming rate, uniform and stable foam, easy to accumulate.
2. The main pump discharges the slurry evenly and stably, and the quality of the foamed concrete is reliable.
3. Small size, light weight, flexible on-site movement.
4. Mechanical drive, no hydraulic system, simple operation and low cost.
5. With the continuous feeding system, it can meet the needs of large-area, multi-level rapid construction.

aircrete foam machine for walls and floors

The aircrete foam machine for pouring walls and floors need to pay attention to many things when using them. Let us look at the relevant knowledge in detail:
1. Pay attention to cooling down
Working for a long time can easily cause the machine to overheat, so please pay attention to cooling it in time. When the motor is overheated, the door of the aircrete foam machine can be opened to allow it to ventilate naturally, or an electric fan or blower can be used to cool the motor.
2. Reduce the vibration of the foaming machine
When the power unit of the cement foaming machine is working, a certain amount of vibration will be generated. This vibration will have a destructive effect on the foam that has formed and damage the equipment installed on the machine. Therefore, when installing the aircrete foam machine, please use anchor screws to fix the foaming machine on the ground.
3. Leakage treatment of aircrete foam machine
Water leakage in the foaming machine is usually caused by the foaming agent inlet pipe or valve. It should be checked whether the water inlet pipe is broken and the joint is loose or not tightened. You can also check whether the valve is loose or damaged. 

If you are interested in the aircrete foam machine for pouring walls and floors, please contact us freely,

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