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Plastering machine for sale in India

2017-10-07 10:04:57

Plaster machine to motor as a driving force, through the transmission device, after deceleration, driving crankshaft rotation. So as to bring the crank reciprocating motion, so that the piston in the piston cylinder reciprocating movement, and then make the mortar pump slurry suction chamber to generate a vacuum (at this time out of the mouth of the one-way valve closed), inhalation of pulp into the pump and then by the discharge of one-way. The valve will be transported to the high-pressure slurry slurry chamber (at this time the suction port check valve closed), after the mortar pump from the slurry pipeline will be used for the production of slurry output. 

plastering machine for sale

India plastering machine structure is reasonable, user-friendly design, reliable performance, easy operation and maintenance, long service life. Work clean, low noise, low rebound rate. The machine greatly reduces the dust concentration at the side of the machine and the nozzle, improves the worker's working environment and reduces the pneumoconiosis caused by dust. For the particles in the 6 mm below the mortar can be sprayed. Plaster machine in India can not only be used to spray, but also can be perfusion mortar, Plastering machine for sale for the high efficiency of the spraying speed, also known as fast mortar spraying machine;

plaster machine in India


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