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Single cylinder mortar pump with wide application

mortar pump is a single-cylinder single-acting piston type mortar pump machine. It has the advantages of compact structure, reliable operation, low failure rate, convenient cleaning and maintenance, and high pumping pressure.

When the motor (or diesel engine) is running, the crankcase with the crankshaft connecting rod is driven through the V-belt to reciprocate the crosshead piston mounted on the end of the connecting rod. The piston rod in the pump head cylinder is connected with the crosshead piston through threads, so that the piston can perform synchronous reciprocating motion, so that the suction and discharge openings of the pump head alternately exhibit negative pressure and positive pressure, which are reflected as one suction and one row of work. The pressure gauge mounted on the pump head can monitor the working pressure of the pump.

With such design concept and advantages, our
mortar plaster pump can be mainly used for tunneling and maintenance of tunnels, mine engineering, foundation treatment projects for building dams, large-scale bridges and high-rise buildings, and various kinds of underground engineering, etc. If equipping with special nozzles, it also can be used for spraying. This mortar spraying machine is recommended to use media: mortar, mortar and other small particles of viscous fluid material. 

Mortar Pump


Mortar Spraying for wall

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