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Portable and Light Mini Concrete Pump

In order to transporting the concrete to access small street, crowded locations, islands, mountains, towers, and other similar cases easily, Lead Equipment design
LCP20H-E hose type concrete pump, it was designed based on the squeeze hose pump, the mini concrete pump with portable, lightweight, multifunction etc. advantages.

mini concrete pump

LCP20H-E mini concrete pump
use high pressure wear resisting imported Trelleborg hose, more wearing resist., more widely used for pumping concrete, lightweight concrete, mortar etc. material. If the pump work with air compressor, also could be used for spraying concrete and mortar.

mini concrete spraying pump

Why LCP20H-E mini concrete pump is popular in contractors for pumping or spraying mortar, concrete etc.? Because the mini concrete pump with following features:

1. Compact size. Hopper, pump, power sources combined in one same base frame;

2. Squeeze hose is the only wearing parts;

3. Max. capacity 20m3/h, also could be adjust stepless;

4. Reversible work, facilitate the removal of plugging failure;

5. Conveniently, Clean on the line.

features of mini concrete pump

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