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Application of Foam Concrete Roof insulation

Foam Concrete is normal concrete with bubbles of air inside. Therefore it has the same characteristics with many additional advantages.

Foam concrete machine are used for building cottages, wall insulation in multistory buildings and internal partitions.

Also can be produced and poured for floors and roofs on-site. In roofs it can be used because of very good insulating and lightweight. For floors offers faster installation and a less expensive option because of the flowing and self-leveling properties.

Foam concrete machine is easy to produce using our portable LD 2000 foam concrete machine. The ingredients are cement, sand, water and foaming agent. The components are mixed in foam concrete machine and in this mix added the foam that produced in special foam generator that attached to foam machine. The produced foam concrete pour into the special moulds for blocks or on the floor (roof) on the construction site. It poured by hose, that attached to foam concrete machine. You don't need any additional devices to transfer foam concrete from foam concrete machine to moulds to floor (roof).

LD2000 Foam concrete machine product link as below:

foam concrete machine for roof insulation

foam conrete for roof insulation

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