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Construction method of floor-heating foamed concrete insulation layer

Most departments adopt the so-called "self-leveling" construction method, which is the use of foamed concrete for natural leveling. The "self-leveling" construction method is generally combined with pumping. During the pumping process of foamed concrete, the bubble breakage rate is about 25%.
A large number of water is formed by the rupture of bubbles, so that further increases the amount of water, coupled with the pump's disturbance, it is easier to produce foamed concrete segregation. After field inspection, some foamed concrete insulation layer’s bottom cement slurry precipitation of 1cm or more, has lost the insulation effect.

How to solve the problem?

1. Use scraping method instead of the "self-leveling" construction method.

method of floor heating foamed concrete insulation layer

2. Change the pumping form.

Using small foamed concrete equipment directly on the surface of the ground or roof mixing and pouring. This method is particularly suitable for roof insulation and a small area of ​​floor heating. When a roof insulation layer is used, a suitable slope can be directly found on the roof to facilitate drainage.
For the small foamed concrete equipment, which is specially designed to solve this problem, and this small foamed concrete equipment can put into truck or hang to floor for construction, very convenient. This small foamed concrete equipment is easy to operate, very suitable for floor-heating and roof insulation.

floor heating foamed concrete equipment

It adopts low-pressure pumping to automatically adjust the pressure of the pump during the conveying process, which means that the pumping height is always adapted to the working pressure, so that the foamed concrete is conveyed slowly and steadily to the surface.

Through the above measures, the crushing of bubbles can be effectively reduced, and the amount of excess water can be reduced.

3. Select the appropriate additives.

By adding appropriate additives, the activity of foamed concrete can be changed to facilitate construction. Foamed concrete should have different consistencies according to different needs. The insulation layer in some special places, such as roof insulation layer or floor heating, needs to be thicker in order to facilitate slope and maneuvering; if a large area is used for floor insulation, it needs to be lower in consistency.
The size of the consistency cannot be adjusted by the amount of water alone, and the corresponding additives and auxiliary materials must be selected in order to change its activity. This will not only meet the needs of floor-heating foamed concrete insulation layer construction, but also ensure the quality of floor-heating foamed concrete insulation layer construction.

foam agent for floor heating foamed concrete

In short, in the construction of floor heating, controlling the amount of water in the foamed concrete is an important measure to prevent the sedimentation of the foamed concrete and the crisp surface of the foamed concrete; the control of the conveying method can also effectively reduce the crushing of the bubbles, thereby reducing the water content; selecting the corresponding additives and providing excellent performance foaming agent and certain auxiliary materials can provide reliable guarantee for the quality of foamed concrete.
Practice has confirmed that after the above measures are taken, the compressive strength can reach 2 MPa or more when the bulk density is less than 300 kg/m³.

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