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Tuck-mounted grout equipment for cement grouting work in Thailand

We truck-mounted grout equipment for cement grouting work in Thailand. 
At the same time, grouting injection machine grouting methods could be divided into compaction grouting (displacement), cement grouting (Intrusion), chemical grouting (Permeation), jet grouting (replacement).

grout equipment for cement

Grouting injection machine including the grout mixer, grout agitator and grout pump. Mixer, agitator and pump all on one base fame, so as called grout plant or grout station are also provided. LGP200/300/100PI-D grout equipment is the hot selling grouting machine. Double Plungers and acting, and the plunger is sealed by a simple maintenance-free seal. Grouting injection machine set the standard for low-wear, easy to maintain plunger type injection and transfer pumps. With delivery pressure levels from 0 to 50 bars and flow rates up to 80 L/min.

Tuck-mounted grout equipment

For the LGP200/300/100PI-D grout equipment, it was designed by truck-mounted, could move easily, the mixer volume is 200L, agitator volume is 300L, grout pressure is 0-100Bar, grout flow is 0-100L/min, the mixer is one vortex mixer could make sure mix cement slurry evenly and more quickly.
The Pump pressure is 0-100 Bar. pump output is 0-100L/min. both could be adjustable step-less. Mixer, agitator grout pump all-in-one, could ensure whole grouting work continuous.

grout equipment for grouting work

Grouting pump outlet is equipped with buffer. This can further reduce the grouting pressure fluctuations. Delivery with special tools to ensure change the pistons rapidly, reduce replacing time. So client ordered 2 units the truck-mounted grout equipment together.

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grout equipment

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