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The application of industrial peristaltic pump

peristaltic pump is used for many industrial field because of its’ outstanding feature. Such as distant conveying, grouting and dosing of viscous slurries in construction, mining, food, papermaking, ceramic, etc.

Compared with others pump, peristaltic pump have the bleow advantage:

1. No seals;

2. No valves;

3. High self-priming;

4. Only tube to replace;

5. Dry-running without damage.

Leadcrete company can design meet customers’ peristaltic pump according to the customers’ project demands. Usually, the customer only need provide the output and pressure, Lead company can design the suitable peristaltic pump. Lead perstaltic pump adopts roller structure, it will produce the small friction.

Compared with pressure structure, rollers structure can prelong the service life. Besides, for rollers structure, the pump house don’t need add lubricating oil, so the pump also don’t need sealing device. 

hose pump for Tunnel building machine

peristaltic pump roller structure

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