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What is the foam concrete

2018-01-03 17:11:17

Many customers may not know what is the foam concrete? And where can I use foam concrete?

There are also some customers for foam concrete awareness, foam concrete mixing plant used for roof floor insulation and pouring wall cast and cellular light concrete block.
Foam concrete, also known as honeycomb lightweight concrete, is a lightweight mortar made from water, Portland cement, fine sand including or separate fly ash and prefabricated stabilized foam. Foam is produced by means of a foam generator using a blowing agent. The air content is usually between 40% and 80% of the total volume. Bubbles range in diameter from 0.1 to 1.5 mm. Foam concrete differs from (a) gas or aerated concrete in that gas bubbles are chemically formed by the reaction of aluminum powder with oxides of calcium and other bases released by the hydration of cement, and (b) aerated concrete, which is entrained with air in volume Durability of concrete.

foam concrete machine for floor heating

Foam concrete

1. Foam light concrete poured in brick, brick or in situ for the insulation of flat or refrigerated walls, or used as a non-load-bearing wall for RCC/steel structures or for load-bearing walls building.

2. Foam concrete fire rating is much better than brick or dense concrete.

3. Fill excess sewer, well, abandoned cellar, storage tanks, tunnels, subways, etc. with relatively low strength materials.

4. Fill the arched shoulder wall of the arch bridge.

5. Backfill to the retaining wall and abutment.

6. Stabilize the soil, for example in the dike slope construction.

7. Foam concrete into the tunnel work.

foam concrete  for cast-in-situ wall


Cast-in-situ wall


foam concrete machine for cast-in-situ wall


Cast-in-situ wall building

foam concrete mixer for cast-in-situ wall

Foam cement machine application:

1. Cast-in-situ wall.
2. External wall thermal insulation. 
3. T
hermal insulation roofing.
4. Thermal flooring.
5. Upstanding beam foundation ditches filling.
6. Sound insulation and fire protection walls.
7. Playground and track construction.
8. Sound insulation layer, tunnel lining filling.
9. Cellar, basement and arch filling. 
10. Sewers and Drains filling. 
11. Horizontal floor heightening. 
12. Water tank and fuel tank building.
13. Platform filling and mending. 
14. Garden and rockeries. 
15. Foam concrete block. 
16. Foamed concrete precasting, hollow wallboard casting. 

CLC foam concrete mixer for cast-in-situ wall


foam concrete machine for thermal insulation roofing

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