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What is gunite?

2016-06-03 14:10:42

Gunite is concrete or mortar through the nozzle high-speed pneumatic projection. Its ingredients are aggregate, cement and water, it can be fine materials, chemical additives and reinforcing fiber supplement.
Gunite can be applied manually or with mechanized equipment, the use of wet or dry mix spray mix. The method of choice depends on the size of the jet project, the specific amount to be applied, as well as logistical and environmental conditions.
The principal applications of sprayed concrete are tunnel lining and support, rock support in underground mining, canals, reservoirs and hydroelectric complexes. It is also commonly used for slope stabilization.
Some important properties of shotcrete are the appropriate consistency and early strength development in its fresh state (especially for support of underground excavations) as well as compressive strength and durability in its hardened state. 

dry and wet mix gunite machine


dry mix gunite machine

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