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Wet mix shotcrete machine technology

2017-02-08 10:41:36

As for wet-mix shotcrete machine technology, we are still in the development of new more new technology and advanced features.
Wet concrete spraying machine the function of gas working:

2017 new wet shotcrete machine for sale

1. Wet-mix shotcrete machine is the use of compressed air to the material in the hose "thin stream" in the form delivered to the nozzle directly emitted. The machine is two cans side by side, an injection, to prepare. With the bottom of the horizontal screw conveyor trough by compressed air spray cans, wet mixing materials by the spiral duct, nozzle, compressed air through the introduction of the gas ring mixed injection material.

2. Wet spraying machine (wet-mix shotcrete machine), hydraulic drive, load variable displacement pump driven by hydraulic motor rotor rotational speed is adjustable, so the injection volume can be adjusted. Using hydraulic rotor speed things stressed that injection rate is adjustable. The rotor of the hydraulic press agency, press force is adjustable. Hopper in wet mixing material into the rotor material of work, by rotating 180 DHS feed connected to the compressed air inlet hole, wet mixing material and then submitted to the state of suspension pressure barrel, nozzle mixing chamber and liquid quick-setting agent quickly after mixing, high speed spray nozzle.

Wet concrete jet provides a clean solution, can be injected from the surface. A single nozzle operator needs to be underground, allowing mining operations to continue with little disruption.  In addition, wet mix shotcrete can be almost twice as much as traditional dry mixing method was applied.

Unique wet sprayed concrete mix proportioning design allows long-distance pumping. The surface of the pump doesn't need expensive, hard to find instrinsically security wet pump
The surface of the pump is to eliminate the risk of sand blasting work error. Staff monitor the quality level on the surface, provides a more consistent and reliable applications.

So when you buy the shotcrete machine, depends on the working condition of buying wet mix type concrete injection machine and dry mix spray machine.

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