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Wet mix concrete spraying machine for sale

2022-09-08 16:38:21

LSZ3000E Wet mix concrete spraying machine for sale is the equipment for wet spraying concrete. Compared with dry spraying machine and wet spraying machine, it has obvious advantages such as less working dust, less spraying rebound, protecting working environment, saving raw materials, and improving spraying layer quality. , and easy to operate and maintain. Adopting the working principle of low-pressure low-speed vortex airflow and close-range jet, it overcomes the problems of pipe blockage, pulse, segregation and so on. Make the jet flow uniform and stable, and improve the quality of the spray layer.

wet mix concrete spray machine manufacturer

wet mix concrete spraying machine

Wet mix concrete spray machine structure and working principle:
The mixed materials are unloaded into the vibrating hopper from the discharge port of the batching mixer (or artificially mixed and loaded), fed into the hopper of the jet machine through the screen, and injected into the straight-through material cavity of the rotor by the dialer. It rotates with the rotor to the discharge port, where the compressed air passed through the air chamber blows the material into the cyclone. Here, another wind is introduced by the cyclone, which blows and accelerates the material in a multi-headed wind spiral state, and makes it rotate, float, enter the conveying pipe, and then add a small amount of supplementary water to the nozzle and spray it out. The wet shotcrete machine is a bolt-and-shoot support tool with good comprehensive performance such as reducing dust, reducing waste, and saving materials. Wet shotcrete machine is a construction equipment widely used in engineering construction. It uses compressed air or other power to The agitated material matched in a certain proportion is transported through the pipeline and sprayed at a high speed to the sprayed surface to condense and harden.

wet mix concrete spray machine

wet mix concrete spray machine supplier

wet mix concrete spray machine for sale

wet mix concrete spray machine factory

Wet mix concrete spraying machine for sale application fields:
1. This concrete sparying machine can be widely used in anchor grouting (grouting) grouting, consolidation grouting and backfill grouting for highways, railways, urban rail transit, hydropower stations and other anchor grouting projects.
2. It can be used for pressure grouting projects such as dams, slopes, and soft rock reinforcement.
3. It can be used for the spray protection construction of the bottom layer and the cover layer of the inner and outer walls of urban construction projects and other grouting projects. The opening pressure of the safety valve must be adjusted according to the requirements in the table below.

wet mix concrete spray machine application

LSZ3000E Wet mix concrete spraying machine for sale is widely praised by users for its mature production technology, perfect after-sales service and reliable product quality. 

wet mix concrete spray machine spare parts

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