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Spaying Materials of Soil and Grass Seed Spraying Machine

2015-01-23 11:12:03

Spraying material mixturesare composed of grass seeds, grass fiber, peat, water insurance agent, adhesives, fertilizers, local soil and water.

Grass seedscan bechosen reasonably according to local climatic conditions, grass fibers can be obtained by crushing by straw and bellflower, synthetic polymers (acrylic acid / propylene west acrylamide polymer) is

commonly used as water insurance agent. Cellulose or glue can be used asadhesives; generally NPK is usedas fertilizers. Mix ratio of the mixture should refer to the design specifications or depend on field test.

1)Common clay (40%-50%), you need chooseclay with strong bond adhesion, a large amount of sand, and good permeability after mixed with other improved materials. You had better uselocal loam or mellow as soil material.

2)Organic nutrient soil (25-35%), it mainly containspeat, loam and other organicsthat absorb long-term nutrients.(Peat organic component content: more than 80%; N, P, K content: not less than 5%; PH value: 4.5 to 6.0).

3) Soil improvement material (15%-25%), mainly wood, plant fiber, poultry manure, extruded material and other supporting material. The purpose is to increase water keeping capacity and permeability of soil fertility, increase the buffering capacity of the soil, microbial activity and nutrient supply, so as to make root growth, reproduction and interludes easier.

4)Multi-content fertilizer (0.6%--0.8%), mainly ordinary fertilizer and Fertilizer with long validity and difficult to loss. General fertility effect can last up to 2 to 3 years

5)Water insurance agent (0.25%), an efficient soil moisture, particle expanded its body to absorb and release water decomposition enables soil to save more water and make water available for plants to absorb again and again when growing.

In general, ingredients of Spraying Machine with 8000L capacity are: first add 3000L water, basically to the position of stir axis, then put into 5000L local soil material, 12 packs of wood fiber, water insurance agent and a binder with ratio of 3: 1.


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