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Daily maintenance of wet mix concrete spraying machine

2016-10-19 15:29:34

The daily work and maintenance procedure of the wet mix concrete spraying machine:

1. Make sure that the rotor discharge port is open for each injection.

2. When spraying is completed, the quick-setting agent straw into the water to clean the filter.

3. After each spray operation, the machine must be cleaned (both inside and outside).

4. After each injection operation, check the hopper vibration part of the bolt connection is loose.

5. Open the plate and hopper cleaning, to observe the combined plate and piston wear, when the combined plate wear groove depth of more than 15mm, should replace the bonding plate, when the piston lip damage (the performance of the drain hole leakage Pulp and more), need to change the piston.

6. Check that the bolts on the machine and the wiring in the cabinet are loose.

7. The work found when the quick-setting agent is blocked, check the quick-setting agent pipeline one-way valve can respond to the spray nozzle and mixing nozzle is blocked, and clean the pipeline. It was found that the hopper skirt edge leaks the pulp to change the hopper seal seriously when is serious. 

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