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Philippine President Du Teer visit to China

2016-10-18 10:46:56

Today, the President of the Philippines Du Teer will open a four-day visit to China. This is his first visit since becoming President outside of asean countries. Du Teer's trip is thought to be important actions to improve the relations between China and the Philippines, after he has passed before sending the President's visit to China when envoys, named "China hands" to the Philippines a goodwill ambassador to China, etc.

Philippine President Du Teer.Figure/visual China

Du Teer especially since he took office, on the other hand, has been to ally the United States put malicious words, friction with the United States. The American media concerns Du Teer is reshaping the Philippines foreign policy, will change the order, make the two will be away.
The relations between China and the Philippines are expected to return to the normal track.
To Du Teer's visit, the Philippine officials frequently to China recently.8th of this month, finance minister dominguez said that the Philippines is to improve relations with China, Du Teer will seek to attract a large number of infrastructure investment from China in the next few months.
China also attaches great importance to the visit, hoping to enhance mutual political trust between the two countries, properly handle differences through dialogue. Chinese President xi jinping will Du Teer talks, will improve the development of bilateral relations, deepening cooperation in various fields have an in-depth exchange of views.
"Du Teer visiting release positive signals china-philippine relations back on track, this is the Philippines. China always attaches great importance to the relations between China and the Philippines, xi twice DianHe Du Teer, won a is his vote (), once he was sworn in as. This is not very common." Southeast Asia problem lead researcher at the Chinese academy of social sciences Xu Liping told the Beijing news reporter.
In widely view, seeking to invest will be Du Teer hereby the top priority. The press in the Philippines, there will be 250 Filipino business leaders accompanying Du Teer's visit to China, railway, tourism, agriculture, electric power, manufacturing, and other fields.
"This visit will focus on the pragmatic cooperation, such as domestic helpers, infrastructure, drug, etc. He is desperate to finalise some projects with China."Xu Liping said.
In Du Teer visited before, part of economic and trade relations have thawed, China lifted a banana, pineapple and so on to the Philippines a four-year ban.In addition to the agriculture and forestry products, the Philippines also wants to let philipino to enter the Chinese market. Xu Liping said the mainland philipino hope to work, treatment is not affected by discrimination. Du Teer wants to legalise the, because the benefit the livelihood of the people in the Philippines, especially his base - the poor.

Infrastructure, anti-drug cooperation space is large.
The Philippines also hope that the development of Chinese investment to help the Philippines. Development of infrastructure construction is the important promise Du Teer's campaign, he plans to build four railway in the future. He recently promised by's visit to China, build hospitals, schools and plants in the Philippines.
Xu Liping points out, Du Teer's visit is expected to recover the stagnation of the Philippines north railway cooperation projects. In addition, electric power facilities also is desperately needed in the Philippines, the Philippines, electricity price is very expensive, is several times of China. This had a great influence on industrialization, China has to help build a lot of power software facilities in the Philippines, this aspect cooperation space is large. In addition, the Philippines is the expansion of the Internet, the regime had already signed with SBC communications cooperation projects, then influenced by political factors.
Is not only the economic cooperation, Du Teer also hope to be able to get support from China in the field of drug. Busting drug is Du Teer since coming to power the most highly effective New Deal, this is he still as high as 64% cornerstone of polls satisfaction, but also the western media criticism sparked an iron fist, even many times produce words friction with the United States, and indirectly lead to the United States to cancel Obama meet with Du Teer te.
"Du Teer hope China can help the Philippines against drugs and drug rehabilitation center, drugs are flooding in the Philippines, in addition to domestic collusion, are also associated with some illegal Chinese participation."Xu Liping said. The Philippines was Chinese businessman fund to build a large rehabilitation center will begin in November.
Before the visit the two joint cruise is suspended.
In wants China to help its economic development at the same time, Du Teer also before the visit to release the good political signals, including the appointment of former President ramos visited Hong Kong as a special envoy "ice-breaking", and appointed "China hands" of Santa cruz DE Rome that as the new ambassador to China. The former being in office or after leaving office, keep good relations with China; The latter term ABC China correspondent for many years, is the famous Chinese expert.
"Rome is that know Chinese school, problem right in China. The new ambassador to promote friendship between the two countries, and not let the relations between China and the Philippines have been used by a third country."Xu Liping said.Another good political signal is suspended and the United States in the south China sea cruise, Du Teer said joint military exercises with the United States is the last time, and to withdraw from the United States special forces stationed in the southern Philippines. In Du Teer opinion, "I will set up a new trade alliance. And you (USA) plan to hold the exercise again, this is not China want."
For Du Teer moves, Xu Liping believes that the Philippines in the south China sea issue into the key, the key point is Du Teer announced that interrupts the two joint cruise, indicating that the Philippines do not want the United States to intervene in the affairs of the south China sea, is very meaningful to regain the political trust. Only trust each other, both sides can carry out pragmatic cooperation and Du Teer understanding of this point clear. And he is very understand, even if the Philippines on the south China sea have conflict, americans will not really help the Philippines; More importantly, China security no threat to the Philippines.
Dare to alienate the United States because of domestic support
Compared with the former President aquino one-sided pro-american, Du Teer since taking office, not only saying no longer need America's military support for many times, also many times because speech ultra draw strong protest. The western media is generally accepted that, Du Teer closer with China at the same time, drifting away with the United States.
Du Teer, why can have bottom spirit no longer seek us support? Xu Liping explained that aquino pro-american because of a lack of domestic power and the support of the military, so he can only rely on the United States. Du Teer is different, by giving his troops for a raise in the support of the military, and get a lot of political resources by former President gloria macapagal arroyo, without having to rely on the United States.
Some analysts worry that Du Teer's high-profile visit to China could be strategic "quick fix".However, Xu Liping don't agree with this view. Du Teer's friend, he have been exposed to have certain understanding on the new President's character. It seems to Xu Liping Du Teer really hope to improve relations with China, but also full of heroic feelings he didn't like to the United States, against hegemonism thought deeply rooted in its political philosophy.
"Du Teer friendship with China, not only because he has a Chinese descent) (his grandfather was Chinese, but also because of his political achievements without Chinese support. Davao city public security was very poor, Chinese cannot be based on business, a lot of Chinese people to support his campaign for mayor, make good environment for business."Xu Liping said, on the contrary, some practice, americans, let him feel humiliated.
Face the upcoming visit to China, Du Teer was positive, he said, "I had a good feeling, a feeling that we will get along with their good". To this, the Philippine government also bullish on the prospects for cooperation between the two countries, because of the investment Banks and "area" initiative will provide many opportunities for the Philippines.

Du Teer's visit to China is a landmark event.
First, it means that the asia-pacific rebalancing strategy local bankruptcy in the United States. The Philippines is an American ally, Du Teer's first visit to China, not America, nor Japan, symbolic is very strong. This means that the Obama administration's Asia policy too much emphasis on its own interests, and less consider the Allies real demand, and lead to some countries choose to alienate.
Second, it shows the United States over the past few years Chinese foreign firm theory's image of bankruptcy. China's high-profile reception Du Teer's visit to China, give enough for small and medium-sized countries face in etiquette, practice the equality of Chinese diplomatic philosophy, with pride foreign hegemony countries have significant difference.
Again, China's development of economic opportunity and stable effect in the field of foreign and security continue to be displayed and recognition. As a large country with a long history, China is more and more will be around as a whole. China to the Philippines foreign should focus on the long term, will the Philippines as a 21st century important node of the sea "silk road", build new sea order of connecting the east China sea and south China sea.
- the Chinese academy of social sciences institute of the asia-pacific and the global strategy clock fit deputy researcher
-Articles from tencent news

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