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Smallest concrete pump for sale

2019-03-27 17:35:58

In the development of modern science and technology, practical machinery has become an important role in the development of human beings. Especially in the transportation of raw materials for construction and mines, the transportation by manpower is particularly laborious, inefficient and dangerous. Smallest concrete pump solve this problem. The main advantages of the concrete pump are low noise, simple operation, easy to move, compact structure, high pressure head and so on. This machine has been a hit with customers in Africa. Looking forward to building good cooperation with you.

Smallest concrete pump

The diesel engine small concrete pump for sale is also hydraulic s-valve pipe principle of transport, not only can quickly and effectively transport mortar, concrete with stone can also transport smoothly. It is also very convenient to clean the pipe after use, only need water to rinse to no material, do not remove the pipe repeatedly. Save time and effort, all for the user to be able to consider the smooth construction, and after many improvements, our company's production of smallest portable concrete pump is the main power is equipped with a 23kw diesel engine. Solve the construction site electricity is not convenient problem. it can convert mechanical energy into hydraulic energy transfer, and push the piston reciprocating motion, because the two pistons work alternately, so the pump completely solve the pulse interval time is long, low efficiency of faults, the materials cylinder will suction valve and enter S tube together in this process require very precise, if the wrong time will not be able to discharge, and S valve with glasses plate is also very close, because this is to prevent the pressure when the material will be squeezed out from the slot, pressure is not enough, our machine use high hardness alloy material glasses plate and the cutting ring, prolong the service life of the machine, to improve the shortcomings.

small concrete pump for sale

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