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Shotcrete pumping solutions

2017-02-23 11:22:28

First, project summary

This engineering wall is a lightweight block walls, it needs to spray parts for interior and exterior wall, concrete beams.

Second, construction preparation

1. Material Agent

(1) Interface using the production of special interface agent, 6 inspection report, factory certificate, the guarantee of quality, accord with the standard JC/T907-2002.

(2) The cement: no. 325 in bulk or bagged cement, requires no lumps, particles, to meet the requirements of GB175 strength rating of 32.5 ordinary Portland cement. 

(3) Medium sand, before use must to sieving, complies with the regulations of GB/T17671 method testing strength qualified ISO standard sand. 

2. Machinery

(1) Spray machine: check whether the shotcrete machine equipment is in good condition. 

(2) The tracheal, conduit: check whether the trachea is a flat, the pipe is leaking.

Third, the construction method

1. Before the construction, the construction site to water wet, the depth of the draft to block a advisable, 3/1 of concrete, should first eliminate the template and surface dust, oil engine-grease. 

2. Will 1:1:0. 6 (around) the ordinary cement, medium sand and stir evenly after the interfacial agent, spray equably on concrete surface at the grass-roots level with shotcrete machine, coating thickness to about 2 mm. 

3. The concrete base surface smooth surface to do encryption processing, both of the spray a little, spit out the idea of doing more processing, enhanced with cement concrete base adhesive ability.

4. Spray up to 24 hours after completion of maintenance, maintenance cycle during the spring and autumn, winter maintenance can be rough, a day in the summer of 2 to 3 days or adjusted accordingly according to the temperature. 

Fourth, matters needing attention

1. Good mixing mortar must now left with now, the quantity of every time with not too much, do increases with the increasing mix use, if found to be agglomeration, particles do not use. 

2. To have the part of the construction, must clean up, as you do, because the mortar on the ground in time when setting time short, clean up in areas such as the stairs.

Fifth, quality acceptance

1. To have completed the construction site for mortar full acceptance after condensation.

2. The idea of spray is uniform. 

3. Pulp and grassroots bond shear strength of the 7 d acuity 0.7 MPa, 14 d acuity 1.0 MPa, tensile bond strength 7 d acuity 0.3 MPa / 14 d acuity 0.5 MPa. 

Sixth, safety measures

1. Into the construction site must wear safety helmet, aerial work must wear a good helmet. 

2. Correct electricity, electricity requires a lap joint professional electrician.

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