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The composition of shotcrete machine

2017-02-22 16:39:47

Shotcrete machine is composed of power box, rotating disc box body, the rotating plate, wheel frame, mixing barrel and spray head.
The composition of the cement guniting machine as follows:
1. Power box: power main body, with motor, outside the box body is equipped with electric meter and switch control knob, to control the speed of the cement guniting and switch, etc., on the one side connection rotation plate of the box body;
2.Rotate the box body: a pair of round empty groove in the side of the body, and in the groove edge reaches for epitaxial double circular box body, and in its double circular box body can be placed a pair of big and small gear meshing with each other, again with a flat opening box body screw from a double circle is closed;
3. The transmission shaft of the motor through the cover plate of the round hole to make it into the small gear, and to make the pinion drive gear, in the center of the central place after the big gear shaft rotate, and the other in the other end in the rotating disc box body set a cover plate, and on the rotating plate of the box body, a touchpad cement guniting mouth and cement slurry into the mouth, and in the spray mouth and the device cement guniting pulp inlet pipe and hose, and between the spray mouth and into the pulp mouth is an integrated with upper and lower plate, and make the upper and lower convex plate can screw fixation pipe clamp, in addition the pipe clamp can be respectively fixed and cement guniting hose tube;
4. Rotate: consists of two parallel of the diamond, in the central part of the diamond has consistently perforation, and by the through hole to scale out of a cylinder, and makes the cylinder into the bearing, rotating disks in the other two long side edge respectively equipped with roller, to a central axis running through the through hole and into the big gear, the drive motor drives the rotating disc rotation;
5. Wheel frame fixed in the power cabinet and rotate the lower part of the box body, and the wheels on both sides of the wheel rack bottom settings;
6. Mixing barrel: ontology by mixing barrel, vibrator, fixed bracket, and the conveying of hose, wherein the mixed funnel shaped barrels of ontology, and by using the plural root fixed bracket to fix mixing barrel, and the vibrator device in around the upper part of the mixing barrel, exports are set in the mix at the bottom of the barrel, and connect a hose to the export;
7. Spray head: to control the injection of cement slurry injection head, the spray cone shaped mouth, again with half cone sleeve body is held with the following body following sets, at his grip the side of the body is equipped with a tube body and pump fittings, the other in a body back-end bridging a pipe joint body, make the spray head and cement guniting pipe joint;
By the above components, cement concrete can be mixed by mixing barrel, via the hose to rotate box body, rotate, the drive motor drive to cement concrete is output by the cement guniting tube, and the spray head of the cement concrete.
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composition of shotcrete machine


application of shotcrete machine

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