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Shotcrete Pump for wet mix

2017-03-28 10:05:39

LDS2000G shotcrete pump is a universal concrete spraying machine for the processing of wet mix or dry mix. LDS2000G shotcrete pump a lightweight shotcrete pump run by a highly-reliable direct drive planetary gearbox and hydraulic power pack. The main solid is better add improved direct drive merry-go-round. This pump can be used for the igloo, swimming pool, etc.

Formation wet sprayed concrete mix provides a safer, easier to underground mining surface overlay in the options and building ventilation structure. The surface of the pump allows personnel to perform the work with minimum interference mining operations.


Strata's wet-mix shotcrete offers significant advantages over both dry-mix concrete and gunite. Dry mixing method solution to create a lot of dust, can have a negative impact on personal health and safety work in the neighborhood. Dust mixed drying can also cause problems, the ventilation system of mine.

Formation of wet mix of sprayed concrete provides a clean solution, can be injected from the surface. A single nozzle operator needs to underground, make mining operations continue to destruction. In addition, wet mix shotcrete can be almost twice as much as traditional dry mixing method was applied.


Unique layers of mix proportion design of wet shotcrete allow long-distance pumping. The surface of the pump doesn't need expensive, hard to find instrinsically security wet pump. The surface of the pump is to eliminate the risk of sand blasting work error. Staff monitor the quality level on the surface, provides a more consistent and reliable applications.

Shotcrete pump application

1. For pumping/grouting/spraying mortar/plaster;
2. For pumping cellular light weight concrete;
3. For pumping of wet normal concrete, acceptable max. aggregate size is 10mm.

Shotcrete pump features
1) Highly-reliable direct drive planetary gearbox;
2) Infinite speed variation;
3) Specially hopper/ agitator stir design;
4) Honda GX390 and GX630 gasoline engine for option;
5) Easily operating on site work;
6) Standard spare part supply.

shotcrete pump

shotcrete pump for wet mix

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