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3D panel technology (Expanded Polystyrene Panel)

2017-03-29 10:49:35

Alternative Building technology
EPS panels are like a sandwich where the meat at the center is the ‘Styrofoam’ then the bread is a thin layer of reinforced concrete (The reinforced concrete consists of a steel mesh and a mixture of cement, sand, ballast). What one gets is an amazingly light, yet strong panel. These panels can hold tremendous weight (compression) and can handle other forces that subject It to tension very well- like earthquakes. These panels may be precast at a factory. This means the panels are model as per a design and all panels are manufactured at a factory. The panels are then transported to your plot and assembled on the ground. I have also experienced other sites that ‘naked’ panels are set up on site. By ‘naked’ I mean the panels only have the ‘Styrofoam’ in the middle and the steel mesh. Once the panels are placed on site and firmly held together, a concrete spraying machine blows wet concrete on the ‘naked’ panels for that ‘concrete’ look. There is a ‘private developer’ who has used this technology not too far from my place and he claims that that its cheaper to buy the ‘naked’ panels and you apply the concrete top layer ‘yourself’. We hope to verify his claims soon.

Our company only provide 3D panel machinery (technology), kindly note we DO NOT sell EPS panels.

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3D panel technology

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