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Leadcrete Refractory Shotcrete Machine Spare Part

2017-01-03 16:04:41

Leadcrete LZ-3ER is one refractory shotcrete machine, it is specially designed for spraying refractory material. When use the type, you could get low dust and high performance spaying flow in nozzle. But why? Because Leadcrete refractory shotcrete machine use priority spare parts and design, such as:

1. New pre-dampening nozzle:

pre-dampening of refractory shotcrete machine

What’s the advantage of the new pre-dampening nozzle for the refractory shotcrete machine?

a. Low rebound, low dust;

b. Reduce additive water amount;

c. Improve refractory compactness and strength.

2. Special design: collect dust bag and clean dust gun

collect dust bag of shotcrete machine

clean dust gun of refractory gunite machine

Leadcrete LZ-3ER refractory shotcrete machine wearing spare parts includes:

Rotor steel, upper and sealing plate, rubber chamber, cone casing pipe, rubber elbow, nozzle, conveying hose etc.

refractory gunite machine spare parts

If you interested or any question or need in Leadcrete LZ-3ER refractory shotcrete machine or need wearing spare parts for e LZ-3ER refractory shotcrete machine. please contact: +86-15736772513 or

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