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Shotcrete machine for hydraulic engineering

2020-11-30 11:36:41

Shotcrete machine for hydraulic engineering

Shotcrete machine is mainly the mud and shotcrete sand, accelerating agent in the mixer for mixing, and then by the transport pipe to the mixing material to spray gun after the spraying operation, we according to the different degree of drying and wet ejected material, divided into dry shotcrete machine and wet shotcrete machine. Dry shotcrete machine mainly to mixture slurry by spray gun to the construction area, the water spray gun, it will reduce the dust, and the wet shotcrete machine is the mix of wet concrete by spray gun to construction surface, the wet shotcrete machine also called the hydraulic engineering shotcrete machine is widely used in railway, water conservancy and hydropower, highway tunnel of a subway tunnel, mine roadway, military facilities, underground construction and in the fields of engineering.

shotcrete machine for hydraulic engineering

The shotcrete machine for hydraulic engineering is to use hydraulic pressure to pipe the pre-mixed concrete to the spray gun, connect the compressed air and the quick-setting mixture to the spray gun nozzle, and then quickly spray the concrete onto the spray surface. With the large-scale development of modern engineering structures in recent years, the market demand for the shotcrete machine for hydraulic engineering has also grown rapidly. Compared with dry shotcreting machine, the hydraulic engineering shotcrete machine has the advantages of lower dust and easy operation.

hydraulic engineering shotcrete machine

The main differences between the dry shotceret machine and the wet shotcrete machine are as follows:
1. The difference between material moisture and dryness:
The material added to the dry shotcrete is dry, and a small amount of water, such as concrete or cement, needs to be added. The shotcrete machine for hydraulic engineering mainly sprays a homogeneous mixture, such as concrete, cement and water.
2. Differences in working modes:
The dry shotcrete machine contains dry concrete and cement, so water must be added to the nozzle when spraying to ensure the spraying effect and prevent excessive dust. The shotcrete machine for hydraulic engineering mixes concrete and cement thoroughly with water when spraying, and then sprays the spray without adding water to the nozzle to avoid dust generation, thereby ensuring the safety of the working environment.
3. The difference between conveying distance and wind pressure:
The conveying distance of dry shotcreting machine can reach 200m or longer, while the material of wet spraying machine has been mixed evenly, so the vertical conveying distance can reach 20-30 meters, and the horizontal conveying distance is 30-50. When the wind pressure reaches 7 cubic meters, the wet and dry shotcrete machine can be used, and the wet shotcrete machine needs 13 cubic meters to work normally.
4. The difference between operation and safety:
During the construction of dry shotcreting machine, a large number of workers are required to operate, and a large amount of dust will be generated, which not only affects the environment, but also endangers safe production and workers. 

The hydraulic engineering shotcrete machine is suitable for a variety of working environments, because the slurry is evenly stirred before the shotcrete, so there is no need to add water to it. This will not produce dust, and has no major impact on workers and the environment.

hydraulic engineering shotcrete machine

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