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Refractory mixer for sale

2020-03-30 16:51:54

Refractory mixer for sale
Leadcrete refractory pan mixer is a kind of non-dead angle track with high stirring efficiency and high mixing quality, which is summarized on the basis of many years' painstaking research and field test. The superposition of the trajectory of the refractory pan mixer from revolution to revolution and the rotation of the output mixer is obtained. This process belongs to the growth mode, the agitation is fast and labor-saving, and the trajectory curve belongs to the structure of progressive layers and more and more dense, so the homogeneity is high, the mixing uniformity is high, and the stirring efficiency is high.

500kg refractory pan mixer

The side scraper and bottom scraper are installed on the top, and the side scraper and bottom scraper rotate with the reducer box body. The side scraper blade can scrape off the materials attached to the inner wall of the mixing cylinder, and the bottom scraper blade can accelerate the unloading speed. Mixing arm and scraping arm are made of alloy steel. Ensure that it has enough elasticity, toughness, strength, safety, reliability and durability. Mixing blades and scraper blades are made of high strength, hardness, corrosion resistance and wear resistance materials. Material without any defects, long service life.

discharge door for refractory pan mixer

The transmission device used in refractory pan mixer has excellent performance advantages, compact structure, low noise, high torque, excellent performance, stable and reliable, long service life of parts, less maintenance. Refractory mixer original one piece, high transmission efficiency, each two groups of countercurrent and forward flow with wear-resistant protection sleeve of the mixing arm, the mixing blade for a bidirectional hyperboloid design.The vertical installation of refractory pan mixer makes the mixing arm rotate while doing revolution. The movement path of the stirring blade driven by this is complicated, the stirring motion is strong, the stirring efficiency is high, and the stirring quality is even.

refractory pan mixer for refractory

Compared with common concrete mixer, there are some outstanding features regards refractory pan mixer. Both the mixing speed and homogeneity are very high. Internal lining boards attached to prevent mixing material abrasion on drum, replaceable liners could continue to be used , low maintenance cost and long life. Combine mixing, electric and water into and organic whole, thoroughly implement of small automatic mixer. The bag cutting device is optional, the feeding height is comfortable, easy to use. The design is simple and easy with compact structure, internal cleaning is simple, convenient and easy to move. Three water lines could provide water from different direction, ensure that mix even materials and water.

nice quality refractory pan mixer

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