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Purchase method of grout pump

2017-09-22 11:47:52

Grout pump is widely used in tunnels, mining surface grouting off water, rock roadway and concrete shaft wall grouting water shutoff, tunnel cracks, rock breaking, evacuation rock reinforcement, anchor grouting, backfill pulp, prevent surface settlement, prevent Landslide grouting, especially water glass and cement or two different media, grout pump and other grouting tools compared to the advantages of more obvious.

In addition, the project grouting, the need to simultaneously fill the water glass and cement slurry two kinds of grouting material, because the water glass is a quick coagulant, cement can be glued in a few seconds, so before the attention can’t be well mixed, The grout pump has the function of solving this problem. Grout pump to do the largest project is the surface collapse of the phenomenon of water leakage need to quickly stop the water, the project selection of the pump must use a grout pump, grout pump has two nozzles two outlets can be filled with glass and cement.

As the grout pump has such a good advantage, how to buy a better water jet pump? In the branch support company sales always remind you to buy the grout injection pump when you need to determine which manufacturers produce good quality syringe pump, what is the grout pump is produced by the unreliable quality of the small workshop. At this time, you can’t be tempted by cheap. Because of the cheap machine, it would be bad material, such as motor, if it was aluminum, then the price would be cheap, but the machine was not durable. Such as cylinder liner, if you choose special steel, then it is very durable, but the price will be higher. But the high quality grouting pump to ensure that your progress is not affected, so save a lot of money is a lot. So we buy syringes, we must buy high quality; In addition, the need to buy grout pump, the customer needs from the large grout pump manufacturers to buy their own want to pump. But the number of these grout pump manufacturers is a lot, but it is also a striking speed to grow rapidly, so we have to work harder to find a regular manufacturer. 

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