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Portable grout mixer supplier Singapore

2020-04-16 11:09:18

Portable grout mixer supplier Singapore
Effective and efficient mixing of modern grouts for dam foundation grouting requires the use of high-speed, high-shear mixers, which, although they do not actually create a true colloidal suspension, commonly have been known as colloidal mixer. Three basic types are available: the colloidal and equivalent, which uses a tight tolerance between the pump rotor and casing to create a high shear; grout mixer in Singapore which uses a chamber, presenting the advantage of less wear; and the MAT, which uses rapidly rotating perforated mixing paddles to create shear forces. Portable grout mixer supplier, which also manufactures grout agitators and pumps, is the only U. S. manufacturer of mixers the colloidal type. Some U. S. and foreign specialty contractors make shop-built versions of the original colloidal mixer, and off-the-shelf variations of the basic mixer types are manufactured by several European firms.

Portable grout mixer Singapore

Portable grout mixer
is consist of tanks with either vertically or horizontally mounted. Slowly rotating (typically 40-60 rpm) paddles, have been in use for many year and are still use in a variety of applications. Grout mixer in singapore commonly are set up in groups of two on skids or a trailer, allowing grout to be mixed in one unit while the other unit is being emptied by gravity now into an open-throat progressing cavity pump. Even in 1973, the only reason that they were still in use (for dam foundation grouting) was that contractors had them on hand. They are less subject mechanical problems than high-speed, high-shear mixers and are relatively inexpensive to maintain. However, they are inferior to high-speed, high-shear mixers in almost all other respects. They are adequate for such applications as contact grouting of tunnel lining or cavern filling, where comminution and dispersion of the grout particles is not necessary. Nonetheless, their long batching times and the inhomogeneity of the grout produced by them can be disadvantageous even in those applications, and increasing frequency of line blockages can be anticipated.

grout mixer in Singapore

On completion of mixing, grout is discharged into an agitator, which is usually placed close to the mixer. The function of the agitator is to keep the grout particles in suspension after thorough mixing has been achieved and to keep thick, grout mixer supplier singapore in a fluid condition until injected. The agitator usually consists of a vertical cylindrical tank equipped with a rotating paddle mounted on a vertical shaft. Proper agitation cannot be accomplished with purely circumferential movement of the grout; turbulent motion is required to prevent settlement of heavier particles to the lower part of the tank. In properly designed agitators, this turbulent motion is imparted by built-in baffles or deflectors. Some agitator, introduce turbulence by mounting the paddle at a diagonal to the axis of the tank. After mixing, mixtures are pumped into the agitator tank with slow speed mixing paddles by the above same pump. When all the mixture in the mixing tank is pumped out, press the discharge completion button to start the next cycle of pulping.

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