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Pneumatic grout pump for sale

2020-03-12 13:09:41

Pneumatic grouting pump for sale

Mine pneumatic injection pump is mainly used for coal, iron ore and other wall waterproofing, grouting works, as well as subways, tunnels, water, construction and broken rock grouting works. Air driven grout pump can be safely used in flammable, explosive, magnetic, radioactive, dusty, temperature changes and watering places. Stepless adjustment, as long as the size of the air switch is controlled, the air intake can be changed, and constant pressure automatic variable, that is, the amount of plasma discharged with the increase of grouting pressure.

air driven grout pump

pneumatic grouting pump

Leadcrete series air driven grouting pump can be used to grout single grout, double grout or chemical grout.  When the grouting pump adjusts the displacement with the change of grouting pressure, the proportion of the two slurries can be automatically kept consistent.
The working temperature in grouting pump is 050℃.  The average temperature within 24 hours shall not exceed 40℃, and the minimum ambient temperature in non-working state shall not be lower than -40℃.  The cement pump with the best price can be used in coal mine working face.  
Our pneumatic grouting pumps are widely used in coal mines, iron wall waterproofing, grouting and bolt grouting reinforcement, as well as grouting and strengthening projects such as subways, tunnels, water conservancy, construction and grouting, water blocking, broken rocks, and soft foundation reinforcement. 2GP series pneumatic grouting pump is strengthening roadbed. Our pneumatic grouting pump is strengthening the roadbed of the bridge.

air grout pump

pneumatic grouting pump

Pneumatic grouting pump adopts pneumatic transmission, which can work in flammable, explosive, dusty, rainy and other environments. It can realize the promised amount. Automatic constant pressure can be changed (with the increase of plasma discharge, the volume of plasma discharge increases). When the pressure decreases, grouting in shallow strata can be effectively protected. Slurry with a ratio of 1: 1 can be used for double-fluid grouting, etc.

air operated grout pump

1. It is small in volume, light in weight, easy to handle, and often moves to adapt to multi-point grouting.
2. Under the condition that the mud is not very strict, double grouting can be realized by using one pump, thus greatly reducing the construction cost of equipment purchase.
3. It can be used in places with large water spray and high gas/methane content.
4. Non-blocking fever for a long time.
3. No overpressure problem
5. Due to pneumatic drive, flammable, high explosive, water spray, dust and large working environment can be used.
6. Automatically adjust the output according to the preset final grouting pressure.
7. Single, double and chemical grouting can be used.
8. Due to the transmission of pressure, the pump is very suitable for grouting performance, which requires large flow rate at low pressure and small flow rate at high grouting pressure.

pneumatic grouting pump for sale

Leadcrete is pneumatic grouting pump supplier and manufacturer, if you want to know more information about pneumatic grouting pump in Vietnam, please email us:

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