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Planetary concrete mixer for sale

2024-02-11 16:48:03

Planetary concrete mixer for sale
We are planetary concrete mixer manufacturer, now we have 50L to 4000L planetary concrete mixer for sale. Pneumatic discharge door and hydraulic discharge door are available for customers to choose.

Planetary concrete mixer for sale

The loading barrel of planetary concrete mixer has a large loading area and can be enlarged. The material has sufficient space for thorough mixing, and the mixture can be evenly stirred and the material distribution is fine.
Have strong, steady, fast and homogeneous mixing performance, compact structure, no slurry leakage problem, economic and durable.
It is not only applies in common concrete, precast concrete but also in high performance concrete.

Planetary concrete mixer for sale

There is an opening at the bottom of the planetary concrete mixer for unloading ready-mixed concrete. Use a gate to open and close the hole, which is controlled by the hydraulic cylinder of the pump station. The side walls and bottom are lined with removable steel plates made of hardened wear-resistant steel.

There is an inspection hole in the upper part of the planetary concrete mixer, which is closed with a net and a cover.

The blades for mixing the concrete mixture are installed on the frame and fixed on the machine body and the gearbox shaft respectively. Due to the large mixer diameter of 1500/1000 liters, the filler is distributed in a thin layer, ensuring uniform mixing and the most effective discharge. The working principle of a planetary concrete mixer is similar to a solar system: the mixing blades move around a vertical axis and its own axis. The speed of the planetary blades is 36 rpm.

The complex movement of the mixer blades during operation allows a high-quality mix of rigid and super-rigid structural concrete grades to be obtained for the manufacture of concrete roads, reinforced concrete pipes and precast reinforced concrete structures.

The high-quality, high-speed mixing production capacity brought by the new planetary mixing concept of the vertical shaft planetary mixer realizes the rapid and high-quality mixing production of concrete;
Innovative upgrade of the transmission system, intelligent and automatic driving the refined work of each configuration;
The enhancement of equipment material selection and the improvement of wear resistance and corrosion resistance greatly reduce the cost of equipment users.
In addition, the planetary concrete mixer-vertical shaft planetary mixer has a unique and novel mixing mode, and strengthens the innovation and optimization of the basic conditions of the equipment, such as the upgrade of the mixer material, the enhancement of the environmental protection device, and the complete model and specification of the mixer. The stability of the application ability, etc. are all improvements made by this planetary concrete mixer equipment to better realize the mixing advantages of the industry.
Compared with traditional concrete mixing machinery, the vertical shaft planetary mixer adopts the concept of planetary mixing and combines rotation and revolution to achieve high homogeneity and high mixing of materials through powerful mixing and mixing. It stands out from the traditional concrete mixing equipment and becomes an industry. One of the most popular high-quality new planetary concrete mixing machinery.

Planetary concrete mixer for sale

If you are interested in planetary concrete mixer, want to know planetary concrete mixer price, please send email to us freely,
Before we send quotation, please let us know the following items:
1. What is your project with our mixer, for mixing concrete or refractory?
2. What is the mixing capacity you require?
3. Do you need pneumatic discharge door or hydraulic discharge door?
4. What is the voltage you require? we could customize the electric motor according to your demands.

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