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Mortar spraying machine for wall

2019-09-12 14:04:23

The mortar spraying machine is specially designed for wall spraying mortar. The mortar has a particle size of less than 5mm and can be operated. The mortar spraying machine can be used not only for spraying but also for filling mortar. In addition, due to the fast spraying speed, the mortar spraying machine can be called a quick mortar spraying machine; also known as a plastering machine, because of spraying cement slurry; because of spraying putty powder, refractory material, latex paint, fireproof material, also known as multi-function spraying machine .

This machine sprayed concrete wall is suitable for pumping and spraying various ordinary mortars for railways and highway tunnels, bridges and culverts, water conservancy and hydropower, mines, high-rise buildings and national defense projects. The ideal solution is to provide lime-based or cement-based on-site mixed mortar and Ready to mix mortar. Before each construction, the equipment should be idling, so that each lubrication point automatically lubricates the grease, check whether the electronic control switch button can normally control the operation and stop the equipment; for example, check whether the conveying pipe is unblocked; check whether the nozzle and the pneumatic pipe are in good condition.

Mortar spraying machine for wall

wall spraying mortar machine

(1) The power consumption of the pump is very small, only 22kw, and only one smallest generator can work without power supply.
(2) It is the smallest concrete pump in the country and is the only choice for many narrow building environments.
(3) The pump is light in weight and easy to move.
(4) High pump body configuration, full hydraulic operation, stable performance, compact structure, low failure rate and long service life.
(5) The pump is affordable, and there are three configurations of micro mortar pump, micro-fine concrete pump and micro concrete pump for customers to choose.
(6) The mortar concrete pumping pump has high pressure and long pumping distance.
(7) It is used for structural column pouring, with good continuity and high conveying efficiency, which is hundreds of times of artificial pouring concrete. The development of cement slurry and mortar pump solves the problem that the concrete is difficult to pump under certain special working conditions, thereby improving the construction progress, reducing the labor intensity and reducing the labor cost input during the construction process.

wall spraying mortar machine  details

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