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Mortar spray machine used for wall ceiling with new style

2019-12-31 15:12:01

New style mortar spray machine used for wall ceiling

LMP70/30 Mortar spray machine is used for wall ceiling, mainly used for aggregate size less than 5mm pre-mixing mortar and site mixing mortar conveying and spraying. It can spray evenly, continuously and efficiently. It has high cost performance, strong reliability, low wear of piston and long service life. It is equipped with continuous mixer, can achieve continual operation. It can be used in the building, the external wall spray plaster, used in road and bridge, tunnel, water conservancy, underground engineering pore pressure grouting.
Main Features of mortar spray machine used for wall ceiling:
1. Adjust the size of the flow, tune out the best coating results.
2. In addition to the electrical control box can switch, but also equipped with remote control switch spraying.
3. Gun connection with the feeding tube can be rotated for easy operation.
4. High efficiency, good quality.
5. Easy structure, easy to handling on-site, easy to maintenance.

plaster machine for wall ceiling

New style spray machine is suitable for spraying the wet ready-mixed mortar, and their materials can also be the mixed cement ,sand and water or other available mortar that can be mixed. No mater which of the material you use, you should mix them with water in advance .This kind  machine also consists of portable units, and the material is sprayed out continuously and evenly. but because of its special spares, the cost of the later maintenance will be a little higher.

new style mortar spray machine

Is there any kind of machines you are interested ? Please let me know, If you don't know which kind of to choose, you can tell me your requirement. for example , your requirement of the composition of the material, the max aggregate size or the material ratio etc. and i can give you some suggestions for choosing machine. Hope we have a chance to serve you in the near future. 

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