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Lightweight concrete making machine price

2021-03-01 16:02:45

Lightweight concrete block making machine price
Foam concrete made by foam concrete machine is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Our lightweight concrete block making machine has been sold in many countries, such as, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, South Africa, the United States, Bangladesh, etc. And we are already getting their good feedback.

Our lightweight concrete block making machine is a compact machine, putting screw conveyor, mixer, foam generator and foam concrete pump 4 parts in one, very convenient to operate and move. And this machine has a control panel, it can control all the procedures all in one place. More importantly, this foam concrete machine has a frequency converter, it can exactly adjust the quantity of foam, so that we can adjust the density of foam concrete easily.

lightweight concrete block making machine

Our lightweight concrete block making machine is used for making CLC blocks, wall panels, roofing, flooring etc. You can design different density according to your requirements.

lightweight concrete machine

And we have 2 customers from Philippines, they were seeing our LD5 small foam concrete machine, said our LD5 foam concrete machine is an ideal machine for them. This is what they are looking for.

We have talked how to adjust the density of the foam concrete, how to designed the ratio correctly, how to use the machine, how to maintain this machine, and so on. They are pleased to sign the contract with us right now.

And then we have a dinner to congratulate our results. And they said will pay to us when they back to their country. We promised to produce the LD5 lightweight concrete block making machine earlier when we receive the deposit and when we receive the balance payment, we will deliver the goods to them in time.

foam concrete machine

If you want to make CLC blocks, and if you want to add sand into the CLC blocks, you had better choose hose pump, because hose pump has the following 3 advantages:

1) The pressure is more equal in the process of pumping.

2) Small differential pressure between the two pumping cycles.

3) There is no disturbance of valve opening and closing during pumping, which reduces interference with foams, improves the operability, and reduces failure rate.

Our lightweight concrete block making machine has good performance, it is easy to maintain, you need not spend more cost on fixing it. And this machine is easy to operate, workers can operate it easily. Also, this machine is more compact, just 3-4 workers can finish a project construction, very useful. More importantly, we can provide factory price CLC block making machine.

After our dinner, we pick them up to hotel and then send them to the high-speed rail station. They are a very kind customer and friend. If you are interested in our lightweight concrete machine, pls feel free to contact us freely,

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