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Cellular light weight concrete machine for sale

2020-04-03 15:45:58

Cellular light weight concrete machine for sale
Cellular light weight concrete machine is composed of mixer, agitator, foam generator, hose pump, equipped with screw feeder, belt conveyor and submersible pump. The equipment is equipped with a weighing sensor and automatic batching system, which can set each batching weight and realize automatic feeding and full mixing.
The process is completely controlled by the auto-weighing system. After the preparation work is completed, press the automatic button to start the automatic working. The mixer is started to mixing. Sand, cement, water and foaming agent are loaded in turn and mixed quickly after reaching the set weight. After the mixing is even, open the discharge door. The mixture flow down into the lower screen of the agitator. The low speed mixing blades are equipped in this agitator. After the mixture completely flow down, close the door and continue the next batch mixing. At the same time, start the hose pump to pump the foam concrete mixture to the work site.

cellular light weight concrete machine

Cellular light weight foam concrete machine has two major categories of cellular lightweight foam concrete: cast-in-place cellular lightweight foam concrete machine and cellular lightweight foam concrete precast products machine. Powerful pumping system, up to 20bar high pumping pressure to meet high floor pumping requirement(up to 35 storeys);Foam agent can be added into the mixer continuously, high working efficiency.
Auto batching system; material weight mixing ratio precise, simple operation, saving labor, great reliability; Heavy duty and powerful mixer, easily to mix sand, cement, water and foam agent, as well as high efficiency to achieve continuous mixing and continuous work;
At this stage, China's cellular light weight foam concrete machine fully takes into account the development status of China's cellular lightweight foam concrete, mainly based on small and medium-sized machine, and has developed rapidly, and has basically replaced imported machine. Due to the price and market development needs, China's cellular lightweight foam concrete machine is also favored by some developing countries in Asia, Africa and South America, especially in Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Thailand and other countries in China. The province has always maintained a strong demand for China's cellular lightweight foam concrete machine.

cellular light weight concrete machine for sale

High-performance cellular light weight concrete machine produce fine, cotton-like foams. It is easy to make large foam for a cement foaming machine, but a certain technique is required to make fine foam. Therefore, the small size of the foam is also a manifestation of the good performance of the cement foaming machine.
Foamed concrete is a lightweight concrete derived from portland cement and common portland cement asinorganic cementing material, coal ash as admixture, sands aggregate, mixed with organic foaming agent. Foamed concrete has changed the traditional way of building walls with precast concrete segments. The excellent integrity and easy operation means low labor intensity and low building cost. Besides, good strength characteristics with reduced eight, excellent sound and thermal insulation, and water proof, etc., all these performances make it an ideal substitute of present traditional walls.
If you need us to provide foam agent, we also provide, our foam agent is plant protein foam agent, very suitable to produce foam concrete. If any questions, please feel free to contact us.

concrete foam agent


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