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Industrial foam concrete pump supplier

2020-07-20 17:35:31

Industrial foam concrete pump supplier
Leadcrete is a leading industrial foam concrete pump supplier and manufacturer for many years. Industrial foam concrete pumps are equipment specifically designed to pump fluid foam concrete, and there is a foam concrete machine that uses a peristaltic pump to pump foam concrete. The foam concrete machinery is a complete production line for the production and pumping of foam concrete, including feed systems, mixing systems, foaming systems and pumping systems, making it the ideal machine for the production of foam concrete products. And the foam concrete production line is time-saving and convenient, with a high cost-effective. This foam concrete pump can be used for making CLC foam concrete block, cast-in-suit, thermal insulation roofing and so on.  Due to the good performance of foam concrete peristaltic pumps, it is widely used to pump foam concrete, and this high-quality foam concrete perist is becoming increasingly popular around the world.

industrial foam concrete pump supplier

Our industrial foam concrete pump is compact and equipped with electric motors. This makes our pumps more powerful than other products on the market. Once installed, it can pump concrete evenly, regardless of distance or pump height.

Industrial foam concrete pump is highly appreciated on the market due to the following characters:
1. Small size, easy to transport to the work site.
2. Simple design and easy to operate
3. No valve operation, no reverse flow, pumping flow is stable, low failure rate.
4. Freely replace the suction port and outlet, change to the pump function.
5. High vacuum, self-absorption capacity.
6. Easy to maintain, consumables (except extruded hoses).
Industrial foam concrete pump is Suitable for many CLC pouring applications, such as wall casting, floor and roof isolation, gap filling, house casting, mold filling capacity for CLC brick production.

industrial foam concrete pump

Foam hose pumps have other applications:
1. Buildings: mortar, stucco, cement, soil, silt, lime, foam concrete, architectural coatings, refractory materials, promoters, soft mud, wastewater, sewage.
2. Chemistry: corrosive, acid, alkali, phosphate liquid, inorganic material, crystalline liquid, suspension, emulsion, resin, electroplating, electrolyte, sediment.
3. Agriculture: phosphorus fertilizer, compound fertilizer, thick pulp, sedimentary sludge.
4. Mining: gold pulp, tailings, thick pulp, filling materials, underground drainage, adsorbents, slurry, mortar.
5. Oil Industry: Drilling fluids, crude oil.
6. Ceramic industry: ceramic embryo plasma, glaze, glaze.
7. Paper industry: pulp, liquid sulfur.
8. Cosmetics industry: toothpaste, lotion, conditioner, cream, facial oil.
9. Catering: Oil, beer, milk, jam, salad, syrup, chocolate.
10. Other: pharmaceutical liquids, radioactive liquids, textile additives, adhesives, glue, latex.

If you have the same need about the industrial foam concrete pump, you can tell us freely, email address: 
We can also provide foam hose pumps according to the conveying medium, extruded hoses with wear resistance, alkali resistance, acid resistance, resistance to organic solvents and so on.
You can request technical data for pump bodies and hoses. The exact overall size and weight depends on the exact type and installation method.

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