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Hydroseeding machine technology cost analysis

2021-10-25 17:32:17

Hydroseeding machine technology cost analysis
Hydroseeding technology is more and more popular in slope greening projects now. Our factory is a professional manufacture of hydro seeder equipment in China and has rich experience on the slope greening projects. Here we show you the cost in hydro seeding projects in China.
The hydroseeding machine technology costs consist mainly of the worker salary, raw material costs, the depreciation of hydroseeding equipment, the fuel, etc. 

There is high requirement on the skill of operators of the hydroseeding machines and drivers according to the equipment and the technology. The job of high-demand operating capacity implements the fixation of posts and staff and should try to maintain the stability of technicians. Other jobs can operate by the temporary workers or by technicians depending on the actual situation.

Hydroseeding machine technology cost analysis

Hydroseeding machine technology cost analysis

Hydroseeding machine technology cost analysis

We produce high quality and large capacity hydroseeding machine for sale. In terms of tank capacity, we have 1000L, 3000L, 6000L, 8000L, and especially large capacity 15000L hydroseeding machine to choose.

Hydroseeding machine technology cost analysis

The process of using the hydroseeding machine as follows:

1. Prepare the area to be planted by removing rocks and other debris from the surface. Rake the current soil or provide a topsoil layer at least 1 inch deep on the current soil and rake it flat. Harrowing the soil helps the seeds to take root in it smoothly.

2. Add water to the diesel driven hydroseeding machine box until the water level reaches the mixing blade of the machine. Close the hose end of the water tank. Make sure that the pump and agitator are turned off.

3. Turn on the diesel driven hydroseeding machine. Turn the stirrer knob to start the stirrer. The speed of the mixer should be able to slowly mix the contents of the tank.

4. At the same time, place small batches into tank of the diesel driven hydroseeding machine,. Add to the tank the seeds you want the diesel driven soil seeding spray machine to apply. Put in the tank the nutrients you want the machine to apply. Allow the tank's contents to combine thoroughly.

5. Turn off the agitator of diesel driven hydroseeding machine , and turn on its spray nozzle. Pull or carry the machine, depending on its size, to the area you prepared for seeding. Stand at a location where you can spray the area's farthest corner.

6. Place the hose nozzle of diesel driven hydroseeding machine over your shoulder. Turn on the nozzle, and use long strokes to spray the diesel driven hydroseeding machine mixture evenly, starting in the prepared area's farthest corner and working toward your position. Adjust the spray stream if necessary. Continue spraying until the prepared area's soil is completely and evenly covered with the diesel driven hydroseeding machine mixture.

7. Water up to 3 times a day, and up to five minutes at a time. The spray area needs to be kept moist until the seedlings appear.

Hydroseeding machine technology cost analysis

Three ways to successfully plant seeds:

The first key is the correct formulation of the mud mixture, which includes fertilizers, soil amendments, natural seeds, thickeners and organic materials. The correct mixing of the mixture can promote faster germination and growth of seeds, improve seed resistance and protect seeds from sunlight, wind and erosion.

The second key is to blend the mixture of fertilizers, soil amendments, natural seeds, thickeners and organic materials in the correct proportions.

The third key is to spray the slurry with the correct water pressure.

Hydroseeding machine technology cost analysis

If you want to know about hydroseeding machine technology cost analysis and other hydroseeding machine information, please contact us freely, 

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