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Hydroseeding grass seed spraying machine manufacturer

2020-10-10 10:37:39

Hydroseeding grass seed spraying machine manufacturer
The ZhengZhou Leadcrete hydroseeding grass seed spraying machine is developed and produced by the company based on the actual situation of the slope greening construction site and using the company's accumulated experience for more than ten years. It has strong power, high lift and long range, and is suitable for all kinds of rocks and hard materials. Soil, sandy soil, barren land, acid soil, arid zone, coastal dams and other places where plant growth is difficult, sowing grass seeds, and spraying and sowing the greening of other soil. It is widely used in greening projects such as highway side slope greening, mine greening, ecological restoration, etc. The use of the hydroseeding grass seed spraying machine has played an irreplaceable important role in preventing soil erosion, landslides and other water and soil conservation and slope protection projects.
Before choosing a hydroseeding grass seed spraying machine, the brand of sprayer should be considered based on the reputation and market share of the equipment. Because how the after-sales service of spray seedlings of different brands determines the speed of maintenance and protection after purchase.

hydroseeding machine manufacturer

After determining the brand of the hydroseeding grass seed spraying machine, you need to select the appropriate variety according to the construction requirements of your own site practice. The spray seeder is mainly divided into guest soil spray seeder and hydraulic spray seeder. The hydroseeding grass seed spraying machine is suitable for stone slopes, steel mesh slopes, high slopes, thick spraying slopes, high efficiency, suitable for large-area construction, and spraying thickness can be It is up to 10 cm and can be elevated by 20-150 meters. It is the first choice for long-term beautification. It can be suitable for different slopes. The hydraulic spray seeder is suitable for three-dimensional network and low slope construction, and is suitable for field applications with a small footprint. The thickness of the spray seeder is generally not more than 2cm.
After determining the sprayer type, determine the fuel tank volume of the sprayer according to the distance between the sprayer and the road width. If the spraying interval is short and the path is narrow, we can choose a small sprayer, such as 1 cubic sprayer and 2 cubic sprayer. If the spraying operation interval is long, the path is narrow and moderate, you can choose 4 cubic sprayer and 6 cubic sprayer. If you need to add water for a longer distance and a wider road, 6 cubic sprayers and 8 cubic sprayers can be selected.

hydroseeding grass seed spraying machine

After determining the size of the hydroseeding grass seed spraying machine, the power of the spray pool can be determined according to the slope height and slope. If the slope is low and steep, you can choose low-power, economical models, such as 2 cubic hydraulic sprayers, 62 kilowatt clay sprayers, etc. If the slope is high and steep, a powerful and adaptable machine can be used, such as a 6 cubic hydraulic sprayer and a 125 kilowatt soil sprayer. If long-term landscaping and long-term use, we should choose a strong dynamic model for future use.
According to the economic ability of the hydroseeding grass seed spraying machine and the above-mentioned situation, the most suitable and economical spray seeder can be purchased accurately through the economic investment required to purchase the spray seeder. If you still don't understand the above situation and are not sure how to buy the sprayer accurately, please contact our engineer to choose the model for you.

grass seed spraying machine manufacturer

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