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Hydroseeding equipment for greening slope and garden

2021-12-05 17:54:10

Through this hydroseeding equipment for greening slope and garden, the soil substrate, green grass seeds, water-retaining agent, binder, fertilizer, etc. Hydroseeding equipment are mixed with water in the mixing tank to form a colloidal slurry , and spraying it on the slope. Since the slurry contains water-retaining materials, bonding materials, and various nutrients, it not only ensures the source of water and other nutrients required for plant growth, but also effectively prevents rain erosion from destroying the sprayed materials, so the plants can grow healthily and rapidly.

hydroseeding machine application

The hydroseeder machine is mainly used for spray seeding of highway soil slopes, rocky slopes, pure stone slopes, rock soil, sand and other soil.
Lead Equipment Co., Ltd is a lawn hydroseeding equipment manufacturer. In terms of tank capacity, we have 1000L, 2000L, 4000L, 6000L, 8000L, and especially large capacity 15000L for your optional. If you have any other demand, you could tell us and we could provide customize service.

hydroseeding machine

Advantages of hydroseeding equipment for greening slope and garden:
1. High degree of mechanization, fast planting of grass in a large area. The hydroseeding equipment for garden greening is a highly efficient modern grass planting machine. 
2. Wide adaptability, plant lawns in areas that are difficult to construct manually. Since the guest soil spraying machine is equipped with a high-pressure spray gun that can be adjusted in any direction, spraying distance is up to 60-85m from soil spraying machine. Therefore, the hydroseeding equipment can build lawns on steep and high slopes that are difficult to construct manually.
3. Establish lawns in areas where plants are difficult to survive. The seed mixture sprayed by the spray gun at high speed is dissolved in nutrients and soil and other ingredients, which can make plants grow quickly in places where it is difficult to survive.
4. High-quality lawn can be planted. The hydroseeding equipment for slope greening sprays the grass seeds that have been germinated in advance, which can save the time required for the germination of the grass seeds. In addition, a layer of film is formed on the ground surface, which can keep warm and water. Therefore, the seedlings emerge quickly and grow quickly. It can quickly cover the soil surface, with uniform density and good canopy closure.
5. The maintenance is simple. After spraying, it can be formed into a flat without watering, which is suitable for extensive management of barren hills and slopes.
6. According to specific natural conditions or according to design requirements, several different grass seeds can be selected for mixed sowing to achieve the effect of complementary advantages in coverage, root system, growth period, and stress resistance.

Chinese soil spraying seeds grass planting machine

In order to confirm which type hydroseeding equipment for greening slope and garden suitable for your job, could you please help us to confirm the following information:
1. What's the project you will use the machine do? for slope greening or playground greening or other?
2. What's the mixing tank capacity you need, 3000L, 6000L, 8000L, 13000L, 15000L or bigger or smaller?
3. About the engine, do you need Chinese brand engine or Cummins engine?

highway green diesel engine soil seeding spraying machine

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