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Hydroseeder for sale in Russia

2021-12-01 10:28:38

We are China hydroseeder supplier and manufacturer, and we can supply high quality hydroseeder for sale in Russia, any need this hydroseeder, our factory is a professional manufacture of hydroseeder equipment in China and has rich experience on the slope greening projects. Here we show you the cost in hydro seeding projects in China.

Russia hydroseeder for sale

The hydroseeder for sale in Russia is a professional equipment used for slope greening. Through this hydroseeder equipment, the soil substrate, green grass seeds, water-retaining agent, binder, fertilizer, etc. are mixed with water in the spray planter mixing tank to form a colloidal slurry, spray it on the slope with a mud pump. Since the slurry contains water-retaining materials, bonding materials, and various nutrients, it not only ensures the source of water and other nutrients needed for plant growth, but also effectively prevents rain erosion from destroying the sprayed materials, so the plants can grow healthily and rapidly.

Hydroseeder with 4500-6000 litres capacity

Hydroseeder for sale in Russia is used for high-speed highway (railway) side slope greening, wound mountain re-greening, landfill without soil cover, mine re-greening, desert treatment, river embankment protection, maintenance watering, large-scale green space reconstruction and other greening projects.

Hydroseeding company based in Russia

Featurers of hydroseeder for sale in Russia:
1. Optimize the shape and structure
The 2.2m wide part of the machine is convenient for loading operations, and avoids the need to open the vehicle guardrail when loading the vehicle due to the ultra-wide machine of similar manufacturers' products, and even some models need to cut part of the baffle of the carriage before loading.

hydroseeder for sale in Russia

2. The slurry inlet pipe is shorter
The self-priming power of the mud pump itself is limited. The slurry inlet pipe of similar manufacturers' products is about 2 meters, and the bend is not straight, which severely restricts the pump's suction capacity for viscous materials, resulting in easy blockage or slurry intake during the process of spraying viscous slurry. Insufficiency affects the spraying height and consistency, and the slurry inlet pipe of the new product is shortened to 50 cm, which fully guarantees the slurry inlet speed and the viscosity of the material.

3. Air-cooled adjustable speed hydraulic mixing system
The mixing system adopts a relatively good high-pressure oil pump, a relatively advanced hydraulic oil cooling system, a high-power hydraulic motor, a new hydraulic mixing structure with an adjustable speed mixing control system, which effectively overcomes the traditional hydraulic mixing:
(1) The hydraulic motor has low power and low torque, which makes it difficult to mix viscous materials;
(2) The hydraulic oil is easy to overheat and the mixing power cannot reach the design standard;
(3) High-speed spraying avoids the impact of high-speed mixing and power loss, which affects the spraying height and produces violent vibrations.

4. Slurry pump speed is higher
With a new impeller and seal structure, the speed is higher than that of the single-stage pumps of similar manufacturers, and the outlet pressure is greater. It can spray about 50 meters when the solid content is 60%.

Russia hydroseeder

5. The main pump power adopts belt pulley link and mechanical clutch control
(1) The mechanical clutch transmission mode, compared with the electromagnetic force of similar manufacturers, greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the later clutch, greatly reduces the failure rate of the clutch, and increases the stability of the product.
(2) Compared with the traditional power transmission method in which the engine and the mud pump are directly connected through the coupling, the belt connection can effectively reduce the burning clutch caused by the direct connection when the mud pump is blocked by foreign matter, because the belt acts as a buffer. , The impeller is broken, the pump casing is broken, and so on, improve the applicability and stability of the machine.

6. Reduce noise pollution
Compared with the mixing of a single diesel engine, the new hydraulic mixing system greatly reduces noise and avoids the damage of the operator's hearing system caused by the large decibel noise of a single diesel engine.

hydroseeder in Russia

If you have a request for hydroseeder in Russia and you are interested in hydroseeder with 4500-6000 litres capacity. So please inform us and we can build a hydroseeder as per your requirement and we can provide you our hydroseeder specification with engine, mixing and hydraulic system details, exact size, weight and price. Email address:

hydroseeding machine for sale in Russia

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