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Hydroseeder for spraying seeds for sale

2019-08-26 15:49:54


Hydroseeder’s closed mixing system, can make the soil and base material mix inside the tank, reduce the blocking probability and improve the efficiency of spray seeding. The connection between the tank and the pump adopts the quick connection method and the discharge port. It could make the pipe blockage convenient and convenient, and facilitate the equipment maintenance and maintenance.

 hydroseeder for spraying seeds

Under the same power condition, the 
hydroseeder for spraying seeds device of Small hydroseeder for spraying seeds is small, light and compact (for example, the weight of the hydraulic motor is only 15% to 20% of the weight of the power motor). Therefore, its inertia small commutation frequency is high. Hydroseeder for spraying seeds can output large thrust or large torque when applied with high pressure. It can realize low speed and large tonnage transmission, which is the outstanding advantage of other transmission modes. The hydraulic drive can easily realize the non-pole speed adjustment in the operation of the system, and it is difficult to achieve the stepless speed regulation by mechanical transmission.

 spraying seeds hydroseeder

When the hydraulic motor is in the 
spraying seeds hydroseeder, especially when the slurry is thicker, the working load of the hydraulic motor will increase, and the temperature of the hydraulic oil will gradually increase. When the hydraulic oil temperature rises, the viscosity of the hydraulic oil will decrease, thus reducing the strength and efficiency of the stirring.

spraying seeds machine

This is especially true in summer, when the temperature is high, and our company hydroseeder for spraying seeds has designed a circular cooling system for hydraulic oil.


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