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Hydroseed mulch hydroseeding grass for golf course

2021-05-22 19:36:49

Hydroseed mulch hydroseeding grass is a fast and cost-effective method to achieve high-quality pasture planting in areas of any size, including: flat ground, hard-to-reach locations, undulating ground and extreme slopes. Hydroseed mulch hydroseeding grass has a wide range of applications in golf courses.

Hydroseed mulch hydroseeding grass for golf course

The application of hydraulic seeding begins with the combination of custom-made site-specific seed mixtures with professional-grade seeds. Wood fiber based mulch, slow-release granular fertilizer, biological growth stimulant and tackifier/adhesive in water.

hydroseeder for golf course

Once the best specifications for the project are reached, these materials are put into the hydraulic planter, where they are constantly stirred and mixed with water to obtain a thick slurry. The seeds are protected and nourished by the mulch and create a microenvironment for the seeds to sit still in the soil until they germinate. Nutritious mulch can accelerate growth and ensure the establishment of new healthy turf by providing ideal growth conditions. The covering will remain supported until it is established, and then it will naturally decompose into humus.

Hydroseed mulch hydroseeding grass for golf course

Hydroseed mulch hydroseeding grass for golf course, hydraulic seeding materials were used to help the team obtain good turf coverage on the green and periphery, tees and surrounding embankments, mounds and roads. Hydraulic seeding is usually used in hostile or inaccessible places or areas that are resistant to conventional seeding. The technology involves a hydraulic planter with a large paddle mixing covering, fertilizer, tackifier and water to form a slurry, and then spray the slurry to the area to be planted through a network of hoses.

hydroseeding grass machine for golf course

Since the castle route is coastal, it is open to all elements, so it is necessary to have high specifications for hydraulic seeding materials. The tackifier is used because as a natural colloid, it becomes sticky when mixed with water and helps the mixture adhere to the planting area.
Jute mulch has high water absorption. Fibers of different lengths are woven together to protect the seeds from wind and rain, and provide a natural seed bed for the seeds, so that the seeds can begin to germinate.
Approximately 1.5 tons of tackifier and 40 tons of cover material were used.

Hydroseed mulch hydroseeding grass for golf course

If you are interested in the 
hydroseed mulch hydroseeding grass for golf course, please contact us! Email:, and we can provide the  mixing tank capacity 3000L, 6000L, 8000L, 15000L for your choosing! We can also provide the customized service for you.

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