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How to use shotcrete machine

2016-01-04 18:22:21

Just connect the Lead Portable Shotcrete to the 300 psi (supplied) hose on one end, and the other end connect the hose to the air compressor. Once everything is connected, place the Lead Portable Shotcrete in a bucket or water. Now you can prepare the cement mixture (thoroughly mix cement+sand+water) in a wheel barrow or any large container. Just make sure to add enough water to make the slurry mixture easy to spray.
(For efficient result make sure you screen the fine sand to separate some stones anything bigger than the nozzle size which is at 19mm). Just scoop the cement mortar using the Lead Portable Shotcrete then aim the nozzle to the desired area where you want to spray the said plaster, say a wall of hollow blocks or EVG 3D panels. Squeeze the handle so that the air jet will be released and the cement mortar will be sprayed on the wall. Repeat the process until the whole wall is covered with the cement plaster at your desired thickness. You can let it dry or use a trowel to make sure that the surface is even. As soon as the first coat is dry, you can spray again or do the textured cement finish or prepare your wall for a smooth finish. 

Lead Portable Shotcrete

use shotcrete machine

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