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Peristaltic hose pump for pumping sulfuric acid

2020-10-27 16:51:54

Peristaltic hose pump for pumping sulfuric acid
Peristaltic hose pump for pumping sulfuric acid usually consists mainly of pump hose, rotor, roller, idle rollers, squeeze hose and driving unit etc. The squeeze hose is U-shape in pump house, when rotor drives roller to rotate, hose is deformed. After the roller rotate, the deformed hose recover by its elasticity.
The designer and user of hose pumps first value its ability to transport strong abrasive media. It has no valve and no seal. The only part in contact with the medium is the inner cavity of the rubber hose. The rotor of the compressed hose is completely independent of the medium.
In addition, hose pumps have many unique features: no other pump has better self-priming ability than hose pumps, and can almost produce a perfect vacuum to suck liquid; transport gas-containing liquids and foam liquids without air resistance; Transporting high-viscosity, shear-sensitive media is also a strong point; a fixed displacement per revolution has nothing to do with the outlet pressure, it is a natural metering pump. Various advantages have made hose pumps more and more widely used in gold smelting, non-ferrous smelting, chemical, mining, food processing, brewing, ceramics, water treatment and other industries.

peristaltic hose pump for pumping sulfuric acid

A high-quality hose pump has a life of 7-10 years. The biggest challenge lies in the hose of the hose pump. It is the core component of the hose pump. Its life is directly related to the cost of the pump. It can be said that the hose pump is designed to maximize hose life.
1. The composition of the peristaltic pump system: The peristaltic pump system consists of three parts: the peristaltic pump driver, the peristaltic pump head, and the peristaltic pump tube.
2. Pump head of peristaltic pump for pumping sulfuric acid: To choose single or multi-channel fluid delivery; whether it is easy to replace the hose; whether it is easy to fix the hose; the pressure pipe gap is fine-tuned by a ratchet or other means to adapt to different wall thickness hoses or to achieve fine-tuning of pressure; roller selection: 6 rollers The relative flow of the structure is slightly larger; the fluid pulsation amplitude of the 10-roller structure is small; whether the trigger structure is smart and whether it is convenient to open the card.
3. Peristaltic pump hose: As the condition of the peristaltic pump hose, it must have a certain degree of elasticity, that is, the hose can quickly restore its shape after being compressed in the radial direction; it must also have a certain degree of wear resistance; Good); low adsorption, good temperature resistance, not easy to age, no swelling, corrosion resistance, low precipitation.
4. Driver of the peristaltic pump for pumping sulfuric acid: Check whether the drive needs flow control; whether liquid volume distribution is required; what is the flow range; whether the overall structure is reasonable and easy to operate; whether the flow accuracy and liquid volume accuracy meet the requirements; special requirements: protection level, explosion-proof level, etc.; External control requirements: equipment matching, operation methods, etc.

hose pump for pumping sulfuric acid

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