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Large industrial peristaltic hose pump for pumping highly abrasive acids

2021-01-20 13:32:49

Large industrial peristaltic hose pump for pumping highly abrasive acids

The hose pump plays an important role in the industry. It has been used in the industrial field for many years and has a long history. Its industrial application is mainly for transportation. It belongs to the peristaltic part of transmitting liquid or gas, but it is still relatively there are differences, so they play a role as a bridge in industrial development. What is its performance?

large industrial peristaltic hose pump

First, its abrasiveness is what we value most, and it is also the reason why the designer chose it as a strong industrial transportation. For its design, there is no valve and no sealing port, because there is no other media involved, just the hose belonging to the internal organization has high safety.
Second, the large industrial peristaltic hose pump has a particularly good self-priming ability, so that it can create a vacuum environment by itself, so for the transmission of liquid or gas, there will be no blocking flag bubbles or resistance, which will affect the transmission speed. The self-priming capability is extremely advantageous for large-scale industrial transmission.
Third, its high performance is also reflected in its high sensitivity, which is mainly manifested in the high viscosity and uniformity of the conveyed, and good shearing properties. For the gas or liquid to be transported, it is invariant and degenerate. Such a function setting is an advantage that cannot be ignored for liquids or gases that require high density.

large peristaltic hose pump

There are many advantages of large industrial hose pumps. No other pump has better self-priming ability than hose pumps. It is almost the perfect choice for pumping fiber-containing paddles, shear sensitivity, abrasiveness or gas-liquid-solid mixtures. ; Transporting liquid and foam liquid without air resistance; transporting high-viscosity, shear-sensitive media is also a strong point; fixed displacement per revolution regardless of outlet pressure, it is a naturally generated metering pump; the transport medium only touches the hose , Do not touch the pump body, the hose is the only consumable, it only takes a few minutes to replace a hose, simple and convenient; the sanitary pump, the liquid only moves inside the hose, easy to clean, free of maintenance, and reduces the cost of spare parts and maintenance costs.

large industrial hose pump

So choosing the right large industrial hose pump is not only to consider its cost, but the most important thing is to consider its performance. For the help and effect of our production, the performance is suitable, and it is a product worth buying.

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