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High pressure grouting pump for cement grouting in UAE

2022-05-19 18:46:38

We are a specialized manufacturer of grout pumps integrating scientific research, production, and sales. Leadcrete high-pressure grouting pumps for cement grouting are very popular all over the world, especially in these countries such as UAE, South Africa, Philippines, Tanzania, Iraq, Australia, Qatar, Italy, Singapore, Canada, India, Egypt, Turkey, Germany, Nigeria, Jordan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, etc.

grouting pump in UAE

A high-pressure grouting pump for cement grouting is a light-duty high-pressure pump successfully developed to adapt to the increasingly developing high-pressure grouting technology.

This high-pressure grouting pumps for cement grouting in UAE adopts the split type pump hydraulic end disassembly is convenient. Using integral rolling bearing type transmission power end, superpower, low noise, environmental protection products. Seal life can be increased by 60%. Low temperature, ensure 24 hours of continuous operation, and convenient maintenance, with a higher price-performance ratio. Suitable for foundation treatment of high-pressure rotary jet grouting, curtain grouting, soil retaining cofferdam, mine well plugging, the barrel wall, slope anchorage, etc.

high pressure grouting pump in UAE

Features of high-pressure grouting pump:

It has the characteristics of reasonable parameters, advanced technology, reliable quality, excellent performance, and a beautiful appearance.

The latest generation of products can pump clear water and high-density cement slurry. Equipped with a speed regulating mechanism, it can be used as a variable pump.

UAE grouting pump

Application of high-pressure grouting pump:

1. Soft foundation treatment, high-pressure jet grouting;

2. High-pressure water jet assisted rock breaking and coal caving;

3. Hydraulic prop fluid supply in coal mine;

4. The anchorage pumps high-pressure water with hydraulic expansion metal rod-laying.

5. Silt cleaning and cleaning of large underground pipelines

chemical pump;

6. High-pressure water jet drilling through holes horizontally;

7. Pumps for other purposes of grouting;

high pressure grouting pump for cement grouting in UAE

Working medium:

The working medium must be filtered with a filter screen of more than 20 meshes to filter out harmful solid particles. If there are many solid particles in the medium, the number of filtrations should be increased. The common faults caused by poor filtration are as follows:

1. Because the seal of the hydraulic end of the mud pump is rubber, the solid particles are pressed into the rubber by the valve plate under high pressure. If the particles are large, the valve plate will be cushioned, resulting in seal failure, and then the valve plate and valve seat will be damaged.

2. If the particles are small, but the number is large, after accumulating to a certain extent, the valve plate will be cushioned, resulting in seal failure, and then the valve seat and valve plate will be damaged.

3. Since the gap between the valve plate and the limit sleeve is small, if larger particles are squeezed in, the valve plate can be stuck, causing the pump to work abnormally and damage the valve plate and valve seat.

4. Users who use cement slurry should pay attention: due to the different cement manufacturers used, the size and quantity of iron beans in the cement are different, please use a suitable filter according to the situation to ensure that the high-pressure pump can work normally.

grouting pump for cement grouting

Technical data of high-pressure grouting pump for cement grouting:

grouting pump technical data

Users can choose motors of different power rates or types according to their needs. Diesel engines can be equipped in areas with no power supply or insufficient power supply, which can be proposed by the user when ordering.

pressure grouting pump

If you want one right high-pressure grouting pump for cement grouting in UAE for your project, please help us to confirm the following points:

1. What's the pressure and flow of the pump you need? 

2. The water-cement ratio, any sand in?

3. About the power: electric (voltage and frequency) or diesel?

4. Whether need to make a colloidal mixer and agitator with the grout pump?

Leadcrete also has its own technical team and R&D capabilities, which can design high-pressure grouting pumps according to your needs. Now there are dozens of models of grouting pumps in UAE on sale. So contact us today for more information on your post-grouting business!

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