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High pressure grouting pump factory

2017-12-05 18:31:07

Leadcrete is your global partner for state-of-the-art mixing and injection technology. Wherever building sites, rock, anchorages or tunnel constructions need to be reinforced or sealed, our high pressure grouting pump will at work.

Leadcrete grout pump, mixing and injection technology offer solutions for tube injections, soil-mix procedures, injection screens. In order to choose a suitable high pressure grout pump, following situations should be taken into consideration:

1. High-pressure grouting pump should match with the geological conditions of the stratum to be constructed. In the complicated stratum,grout pump capacity should be fully considered;

2. High-pressure grouting pump selection should be consistent with the construction depth. For depth working, high-power and hihg pressure injection pump should be used;

3. High-pressure grouting pump should be compatible with the high-spray process at working site. During jet grouting working site, it should be choosed based on its working technology.

4. When budget and engineers are avaiable, a autumacit high pressure grouting pump can be considered.

grouting pump factory


high pressure grout pump factory


high pressure grouting pump

Based on continuous technological innovation, design capabilities of grouting pump/station have reached international standards. Much recognition and trust by customers. Leadcrete is a grouting pump factory with ISO and SGS report. Service is the company's commitment. Technical support, regular risk troubleshooting, an intimate solution to your problems will be provided at the first time. Leadcrete is the high pressure grout pump factory, and some engineers in this field for more than 20 years. For more information, please email us:

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