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High pressure grout mixer pump units

2018-09-28 10:03:29

The combination of the colloidal grout mixer, grout agitator with a grout pump will form the grout mixer pump units. The grouting unit is a very versatile and efficient type of equipment. Grout mixer pump is well designed to firmly press cement mixture into any grounds or structure that needs repair or construction. You can use a grout mixer and pump whenever you need to save yourself some time and money. This is because the grout mixer and pump can complete the job quickly and efficiently.

grout mixer pump

Grout mixer pump flow and pressure are designed based on the projects request. Mixer and agitator capacity are designed to match the pump flow. Variety of grout pumps including piston, plunger and progressing cavity (screw type) equipment. Variety of power options including electric / hydraulic and diesel / hydraulic. Besides, these grout stations are easy to be transported and compact, making it highly efficient and easily maintained。

grout mixer pump units

The grouting mixture should always be of very high quality. This is because poorly mixed grout mixtures often result to weak structures that don’t last long. As for the grout mixer on the
high pressure grout machine produced by us, it is high speed type. The vortex action inside the mixing tank rapidly assimilates the powder materials into the mixer, resulting in the mixing of a batch in as little as 15 seconds. This throughput far exceeds that of other mixing technologies. With an experienced operator the cycle of charging, mixing and discharging the batch can be kept down to one minute. It is also high shear type. With fast mixing speed 1450rpm, the high rate of shear results in a mix that is fluid and stable enough to be pumped over considerable distances, and which will permeate uniformly into voids.

high pressure grouting machine

Lead grout mixer pump now is the widest selection of grouting equipment in the world, with a range of machines with integrated mixing and pumping capability. Robust and ideal for use in underground situations, tunnel construction or civil engineering. 
Cement grout pump for sale
could be used in the following applications:
Foundations, Mining, Tunnels, Dams foundation, Soil compaction, Rock grouting, Permeation grouting, Water cut-offs, Void filling, Soil anchors, Post tensioning, Contact grouting, Marine / underwater, Precast, Slab undersealing, Slabjacking.

cement grout pump for sale

Grout mixer pump unit for sale could be matched with other machines, and doing the micro-tunneling grouting jobs. Grouting unit and a system has delivered some grout plant to the world famous tunnel builders, and help do the most significant ground anchoring, soil nailing, micro-piling, and post-tensioning grouting jobs.

micro tunneling grouting

Save time and labor costs while ensuring the best grouting results. We have equipment designed specifically for grouting projects. Operator controls are centrally located for efficient production. Heavy duty, high volume colloidal mixing grout plants will help the contractor brings many benefits. If you want to benefit from faster, more efficient grouting and better results or just want more information about our grouting equipment, send us an email today! For more information about the
high pressure grout mixer pump units, please email us:

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