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Gunning machine used for refractory

2021-06-18 22:07:21

Gunning machine used for refractory
The shotcrete process has been used to repair, and installation of industrial melting and firing new facilities since 1915, blast furnace lining, spoon, and casting facilities, as well as petroleum and cement production factories reline, are some of the applications used professional wet and dry shotcrete method, heat-resistant material. Spraying process allows the process downtime, and as this unique construction method of concrete production cycle, a portion of the other benefits of the daily work of "hot" installation of certain materials in the new installation.

Lead Equipment Co., Ltd is a
refractory gunning machine manufacturer specialized in R&D, manufacture and sale. Our refractory gunning machine output is 1m3/h to 9m3/h. Max. Horizontal Conveying Distance is 200m. Electric motor and a

ir motor are available options for customization. 

Gunning machine used for refractory

Our electric gunning machine used for refractory equipped with ABB frequency converter, it could achieve variable output by adjust frequency converter. There is one set high pressure water pump in gunning machine used for refractory, which will provide atomized high pressure water, and make water and materials fully mixed.

Gunning machine used for refractory

Gunning machine used for refractory

Gunning machine used for refractory

Our gunning machine used for refractory with variable-frequency drive, could adjust flow or output, pressure, so could be used for grouting concrete repair, building swimming pool, soil retention, retaining walls, spraying concrete for tunnel linings, build artificial rocks and caves in park, spraying low-volume refractory etc. in many projects.

Gunning machine used for refractory

If you are interested in our gunning machine used for refractory, please contact us freely,

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