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Refractory gunning machine used for high temperature material

2017-06-15 08:44:01

Refractory gunning machine is ideal machine for spraying high temperature materials. LZ-3ER refractory gunite machine is Lead company rotor gunning machine, refractory materials is conveyed and sprayed through compressed air.

electric motor refractory gunite machine

LZ-3ER refractory gunning machine

Steel rotor plate and sealing plate is key part for refractory gunning machine. Lead steel rotor plate is high alloy steel made, hardness can up to 55-60HRC, resistant to rust. Sealing plate is high quality rubber made, hardness can up to 75-80HRC. Generally speaking, Gaode steel rotor plate and sealing plate service life is 2~3 times than common factory.

Besides, LZ-3ER refractory gunning machine is equipped with ABB frequency inventor, can achieve variable output. It will effectively avoid stuck phenomenon when refractory gunning machine begin to work. To meet the customers’ requirement, we have also LZ-3AR refractory gunning machine with air motor. It will not need electric power, only need high compressed air.

Because of high quality, Lead refractory gunite machine get better feedback from foreign customers.

Air motor refractory gunite machine

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