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Gunite machine for lime factory refractory repairing

2020-07-07 17:30:43

Gunite machine for lime factory refractory repairing
The refractory repairing gunite machine is to use compressed air to spray out a certain proportion of refractory materials at high speed to form a refractory layer on the surface of the brickwork. Because of its rapid construction speed, high efficiency and good engineering quality, the significant advantages are Widely used, mainly suitable for: hot spray repair operation of industrial furnace refractory layer. It is mainly suitable for concrete spraying and supporting construction of tunnels, culverts, subways, hydropower projects, underground projects, mine roadways, and highway protection slopes. And the hot repairing operation of industrial furnace refractory layer.

refractory repairing gunite machine

Refractory consumption in the production of cement continues to grow worldwide. As contractors look to capitalize on this application, many are looking to monolithic refractory installation as a faster, more efficient process than traditional brick refractory. Thanks to equipment improvements and material innovations — such as no-cement, colloidal silica, which offers optimal alkali resistance and bonding properties —contractors can now install monolithic refractories in areas of cement kilns once reserved for brick refractory. This includes the inlet cone. These improvements and innovations also make it easier and more cost effective for brick refractory contractors to make the switch.

3m3h refractory gunite machine

The oldest process used to place shotcrete, or formless concrete, is the dry shotcrete method, also known as gunite. The versatility and low cost of rotary gunite machines has helped simplify this method. Rotary guns offer some key advantages, including affordability, portability and ease of maintenance. In addition, it’s easy to adjust material flow through the machine.

refractory gunning machine for cement plant

In recent years, the introduction of no-cement, colloidal silica refractory materials have made the use of the gunite machine for lime refractory repairing even more versatile. Previously, the gunite method was only used in hard-to-reach areas of the kiln; that’s no longer the case. Thanks to colloidal silica’s alkali resistance and bonding properties, gunite equipment can now be used to install refractory in other areas of cement kilns where smaller, more specialized installations are necessary.

gunite machine for lime factory

Refractory repairing gunite machine requires a skilled nozzleman since the water is added at the shotcrete nozzle as material passes through a water jacket. However, the liquid addition at the shotcrete nozzle is more forgiving with the use of colloidal silica material, and therefore is less dependent on the nozzleman’s skill.

Gunite machine for lime factory installation techniques require the setup: placing the equipment on the ground and running a steel or rubber delivery line from a concrete pump or gunite machine for material transfer. In many cases, the delivery line can exceed 100 meters in length, with much of it running vertically, making it especially important to choose a powerful, reliable machine.

gunite machine for lime refractory repairing

Install refractory as fast as 20 metric tons per hour with the industry’s most productive and reliable shotcrete mixer-pump combination units. From steel mills to petrochemical and cement plants, we’ll help you apply wet or dry shotcrete refractory faster than you imagined possible.

We are professional refractory repairing gunite machine supplier, will always offer you suitable machine and solution. For more information about gunite technology and gunite machine for lime factory price, please email us:

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