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Grout Pumping Tips

2016-05-14 15:31:09

In general, the most important factor is set near work and obtain materials and water supply; taking into account the disposal of waste material and wash out the residue.

It is always best to keep the grout lines as short as possible to reduce the pumping distance. Pump pumping difficult materials, such as sand slurry and when premixed materials, which is of particular importance.

Water supply sources of solid materials (cement, fly ash, sand, etc.) should be readily available adequate, should be used for mixing and cleanup.

High productivity in planning a project, it is necessary to remember that, when charging the mixer maximum power consumption of time. An appropriate menu, you can reduce this to a minimum.

Set Up

Once set up, there is no visual inspection any foreign matter or pump or mixer (S) of the old established material, and then make all the necessary connections.

And the operating lever, valves, or in either "neutral" or "off" position and disconnect the main power handle, the hopper is filled with water pumps.

Turn off the main power supply and observe the situation is normal, the machine can run.

By running the mixer forward check correct operation of each mixer and the opposite direction, if the unit is structured to allow the reverse.

Then, start the pump discharge water previously introduced into the pump hopper. This is to check the filling system to determine an ideal opportunity for all pipes and hoses are unobstructed. You can also check the status of the pump discharge pressure by testing at this time.

When it is determined that all systems are normal, turn off the pump and drain lines from the pump and all.

Note: Some material pre-mixed cement and sand and some live mix gradually separated, thereby clogging the hose in contact with the residual water hose; so this is a good way to mix before mixing and pumping and production materials, pumped cement / water slurry, lubrication pumps and hoses.

Start Up

During the production phase, monitoring the performance of pumps and mixers constantly be wary of signs of abnormality.

Holding mixer free of material buildup, keep the machine clean, the pump seal lubrication to maintain, but not tight enough to prevent leakage.


Never dry run the pump no liquid, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the pump.

After the excess production of waste materials, carefully wash out the mixer tanks, paddles and bezel into the pump hopper, to an appropriate disposal sites scour through the material generated by the grouting hose pump. Until only water emissions continue this operation. It is wise and all hoses from the pump discharge any remaining rinse water when flushing is complete.

Clear Up


Use safety straps on all grout hose connection.

Keep arms, hands, fingers ect. Away from moving parts.

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